4 Free Trials for Productivity Tools

Staying productive without structure can be a difficult job. As the home space tends to be more fluid and flexible, the best productivity tools help us to bring back a little bit of structure and schedule into our daily routines. Given the vast array of tools and apps available, doing a test run of the features and functionalities becomes especially important. So, here are some of the best free trials for productivity tools to check out before making your choice. 

Toggl Free Trial

No matter how many alarms and timers you set for yourself, it is only human to lose track of time. From breaks that spill over to working overtime, time can fly by without you even noticing. As a time tracking tool, Toggl can help utilize your time better. 

The app tracks the amount of time that you spend on various tasks and charts your productivity through reports. It gives you an accurate breakdown of exactly where and how you spend your time. While the basic version of the app is completely free, Toggl offers three paid plans that include more advanced and elaborate features. To test out these features, it offers a 30-day free trial.  

With regular reminders, timesheet tracking, email reports and so much more, you will never have to worry about losing track of time again! 

Freedom Free Trial

The internet has given us a plethora of resources to boost productivity. But it has also given us an endless spiral of binge-able content to fuel procrastination. So, if you can’t trust yourself to stay away from the temptations of Twitter and the likes, Freedom can help you practice self-control. 

This focus booster gives you the ability to block websites, apps and even the whole internet for scheduled periods of time to allow you to work distraction-free for as long as needed. On days when you need that extra push to work, the locked mode feature prevents you from prematurely ending a Freedom session. 

To try out the app before committing to a plan, Freedom provides a free 7-use trial. This trial allows users to explore various Freedom features across the span of 7 free blocking sessions.

Evernote Free Trial

You can bid farewell to countless post-its, illegible scribbles across a dozen diaries, and the stacks of files to keep notes organized. From random bursts of inspiration at 3 AM to checklists and reminders, Evernote gives you a space to organize more efficiently.  

Notes can be arranged using books, tags and so on. Evernote also allows you to add in voice notes, images, web clippings and so on to make your notes more comprehensive. Evernote’s basic version is completely free of cost and provides users with ample features to get by. For more storage space, offline access and other advanced features, you can choose to upgrade to the premium version. 

Slack Free Trial

If you need to streamline communication within the online workspace, then Slack might have what you are looking for. A platform that aims at replacing multitudes of messy and confusing emails with a sleek and efficient interface, Slack quite literally picks up the slack and gets things rolling. 

You can create channels to organize various projects and groups, share files with the team and so much more. It combines instant messaging, voice and video calls, file exchanging and so much more to help consolidate work from across the world.  

Slack offers a completely free version for smaller teams. As you grow and expand your business, you may find yourself in need of the more advanced features that are available in the paid plans. To try these out, you can write to the Slack team to request a free trial. 

For productivity seekers who are on a budget, most of these productivity tools do offer a free version with limited features. This makes it easier to try out various apps and get a feel of them before getting a paid plan. Testing your options is always a good idea. So, quit procrastinating and get started with your search for the perfect productivity tool!  

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