What’s The Best App To Learn Spanish?

Want to become bilingual? With the following apps and a committed approach to daily learning, you'll be able to learn Spanish fast. That said, the best app to learn Spanish varies depending on age, experience, and learning style. So, we've put together a list of our top 11 choices to cover every aspiring Spanish speaker.

Best Spanish App For Beginners: Duolingo

Probably one of the most known apps worldwide, Duolingo has a simple interface with exercises that look more like games. You can use Duolingo to learn more than one language at a time, including Spanish, German, Hebrew, or even Klingon! Duolingo Premium ($10/month) will even allow you to chat with a native speaker.

This colorful app has been a huge success because of its game-like exercises. It’s the perfect option if you are a beginner figuring out how much motivation you have to learn a new language.

Best Spanish App For Intermediate Learners: Rosetta Stone

In contrast, Rosetta Stone offers a more thorough learning platform for those who really are committed to learning Spanish. One of the oldest platforms on the list, Rosetta Stone is also one of the most immersive language learning platforms on the internet. Unlike other apps, all assignments and instructions will be given to you in Spanish, just as if you were a child learning your native language.

Best Spanish App To Connect With Other Learners: Busuu

The EdTech Breakthrough Award of App of the year, Busuu’s strength relies on its community: its users edit each other’s work and test each other orally and in writing. Like Duolingo, Busuu follows a freemium model. For those seeking a more professional vibe than Duolingo and a more entertaining, more affordable than Rosetta Stone, Busuu offers the perfect middle ground.

Best Flashcard App For Spanish: Brainscape

Brainscape has a different learning system, as the previous one relies on its community, but this time the community is divided by experts and you and your peers. This is because this app is not only to learn Spanish or other languages, it’s also used to study other subjects as music, chemistry and others. Brainscape uses a smart flashcard system that asks you to rate yourself on the subject you want to learn.

Best Free Flashcard App For Spanish: Quizlet

This flashcard app allows you to learn quickly and put your memory to test. This app can be crucial for those taking important exams, so it’s great for students as it is also free. You can also find a premium version but most of the basic features that would help you learn are out of the upgrade.

Best Spanish App For Kids: Studycat

For kids who want to learn and have fun in equal parts, Studycat is likely the best app to learn Spanish. Everything in the app feels like a game so as other apps, it also uses a game-like system with quizzes and points. Every picture you see has a cat on it making ideas and concepts more memorable. Between the quizzes, there are grammar lessons that also helps you understand what you just learnt. Overall, it’s the perfect tool to introduce children to language learning.

Best App For Conversational Spanish: FluentU

Probably one of the most unique systems out there, FluentU distinguishes itself from textbooks and brings real-world interactive videos to learn Spanish. Not only does FluentU teach language skills — it also teaches cultural understanding and gives you an idea of how Spanish is spoken in everyday life.

The app also helps you to break down whatever you're watching to understand word by word. No user has the same experience with this app as the kind of content that you can use is very diverse. This unique app comes with a price, a yearly subscription ($239.99) or a monthly one ($29.99). On the other hand, one of the issues they seem to struggle to this day is with the display of the videos.

Best App To Learn Spanish And Have Fun

Mindsnacks is a great educational tool where beginners can learn essential vocabulary and conversational skills. This app is said to be good for any age, but maybe it fits better to those already attending Spanish classes at school. It helps to reassure a minimum amount of 1,000 words of vocabulary and the regular conjugations of the verbs. Featuring 9 types of games and a reinforcing algorithm the app makes sure that the user really learns their lessons.

Best Spanish App For Driving: Pimsleur

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Best Spanish App To Help You Speak Like A Local: Memrise

Memrise's main focus is for the user to learn and memorize as much as possible of Spanish. This app includes different modules that allow you to learn with locals, using real native speakers; practice with games reviewing what’s been taught so far and improve your pronunciation recording yourself. This app uses the most creative ways to make sure you memorize as much as possible. Please note that to be able to use any of the courses or features you need a subscription. It must be said though that their users are some of the most well satisfied with the outcomes obtained with the app.

Best Spanish App For Travel: Babbel

Babbel is one of the most popular apps on the market and offers 14 languages, including Spanish. This app is characterized by its short and effective courses. If your native language is not English and you want to learn Spanish, it will also adapt to your native language. This app is perfect for those who want to focus on topics like work or travel. This app also needs a subscription to access every feature of the app, but you can also choose how long to want your course, 1, 3, 6 or 12 months.

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