The 4 Best Jackbox Games To Play In 2020

Jackbox Games has fast become the most popular party e-gaming platform, allowing friends and families to play a variety of fun, easy-to-learn games together, even while holed up in separate homes. The party games are released annually in bundles that the players can buy and then play on Jackbox's streaming platforms. Since the quality of Jackbox games can vary, we've gathered some of the best Jackbox games along with some best Jack Box party pack recommendations to keep you and your friends entertained at home.

1. Drawful (Jackbox Party Pack 1) 


Part of Jackbox's original party pack, Drawful is the Pictionary taken to the extreme. Instead of being prompted to draw a dog, for instance, players may be prompted to draw “Napoleon riding a squirrel.” Jackbox has now also released Drawful 2 as a standalone game, which allows players to write their own prompts. Still, our heart lies with the original Drawful, a treat sure to keep your whole group cracking up.

2. Fibbage 3 (Jack Box Party Pack 4) 

Fibbage 3

Fibbage 3 is a game so good that they had to make it three times. The preceding iteration of this game gave players a trivia tidbit with a missing piece, prompting players to fill in the blank with a lie. Then, all participants must guess which of the “facts” are actually true.

Fibbage 3 took this concept and gave it a personal twist, making the trivia questions about the players involved. It's an incredibly fun game where you can learn a lot (maybe too much?) about your friends and family. 

3. Tee K.O. (Jack Box Party Pack 3) 

Tee K.O.

One of the most popular drawing games that Jackbox has to offer, Tee K.O. is part of one of the best Jackbox party packs, Party Pack 3. In Tee K.O., players create designs and slogans, which are sent to other players who combine the designs and slogans to make their own (often nonsensical) shirts. Then, after all this, the shirts are pitted against one another, and the group decides whose shirt is the best — or, let's face it, the least terrible.

4. Mad Verse City (Jack Box Party Pack 5) 

Mad Verse City

One of the best Jackbox games to come out in the Party Pack 5, Mad Verse City is a rap game that even people who don't like to rap can't help but fall in love with.  

Mad Verse City, as the name suggests, is like a rap battle brought to your living room. Players write an answer based on a prompt on the screen, then you write an entire line to rhyme with that answer. And after doing this twice, a rap verse is ready to be performed — not by you, but by a pair of giant robots, using text-to-speech technology. Mad Verse City is one of the best Jackbox games out right now and a key component of the wildly popular Jackbox Party Pack 5.


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