Best PC Gaming Accessories (2021)

PC gaming can be a fun, thrilling activity. Whether you are using a laptop, desktop, or custom gaming PC, having the right gaming setup is critical. It's best to find the best gaming peripherals to explore the vast and expansive PC gaming world and experience the immersion.

Having the best PC gaming accessories contributes to a great gaming experience. Avid gamers already know that accessories add some thrill and make games playable. It doesn’t matter if you are gaming alone, with a friend, or online; as long as you have the ideal pc gaming accessories, you’ll have electrifying sessions.

Here are some of the must-have accessories to help you achieve the ideal gaming setup.

Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

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A mechanical keyboard enhances your gaming thanks to the keys that provide tactile feedback. It is much easier to press mechanical keys than the regular membrane keyboards. With these keyboards, you can type faster with minimal miss clicks.

The Steampunk Style Mechanical gaming keyboard is a great option, regardless of whether you are a pro gamer or just an amateur. This keyboard has an ergonomic design to allow seamless gaming, and the keys are highly responsive and accurate. It’s anti-ghosting, meaning you can simultaneously press several keys and showcase your unique gaming skills to opponents.

You can as well consider the Logitech G Pro Mechanical Keyboard. This keyboard is incredibly accurate and responsive than most gaming keyboards. Featuring Logitech’s G LIGHTSYNC technology, it’s enhanced to keep the user on top of their game. Also, gamers can configure this keyboard to match their gaming setup.

The best thing about mechanical keyboards is that they are long-lasting. They have a longer life and better visuals than ordinary gaming keyboards. Thanks to the full RGB backlighting, you can customize to achieve the ultimate feeling.

Gaming Mouse

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Of the essential PC gaming accessories you shouldn’t lack is a gaming mouse. Whichever game you intend to play, a gaming mouse enhances your performance. It offers lots of features that ordinary mouses do not have. Think of customization, quick clicking, and vibrations that will give you a competitive edge over your opponents.

The thumb rule is to choose a mouse that complements your keyboard in terms of performance, flair, and ergonomics. The Razer Viper Mini Gaming Mouse uses an 8,500 DPI optical sensor to provide pinpoint precision. Like other visually appealing mouses, it has programmable buttons, side lighting, and is lightweight. With this mouse, you can assign and reconfigure complex functions through the Razer Synapse 3 PC configuration tool.

As long as your mouse is wireless and uses DPI optical sensors, you are good to go. If you want better responsiveness, high speed, and unmatched accuracy, the Razer Viper Mini is an ideal option.

Swivel Desk Mount

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A swivel desk mount holds the monitor firmly, creating extra space on your gaming desk. If you have a small table, you can add a swivel desk mount to utilize the available space.

The North Bayou Desk Mount is one of the most versatile products you can get. It’s suitable for monitors ranging from 17”- 30” and up to 10 kgs. It’s ergonomic and creates a proper angle to allow for smooth gaming.

Swivel mounts are fully adjustable and come with robust spring systems and clamps to position the monitor on whichever side you want.

Ergonomic Chair

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The first PC gaming accessory to come to mind should be an ergonomic chair. Gaming enthusiasts will tell you that a great chair contributes much to your gaming style. As long as you are comfortable and taking care of your back, gaming will always be sensational. Gaming chairs support your head, neck, and shoulders to help you maintain a great posture.

The Respawn 110 style gaming chair has all features that you need while gaming. The bucket seat provides extra comfort, especially when gaming for many hours. The great ergonomic construction and 360-degree swivel ensure comfort from all angles.

When looking for a gaming chair, ensure it has an adjustable headrest, multi-directional adjustable armrest, and lumbar support. These features help maintain the perfect posture and will likely save you extortionate bills at the chiropractor.


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If you plan to stream online games, it’s essential to have a clear webcam. With the streaming seats getting bigger and better, your gaming setup isn’t complete without an HD webcam.

The Logitech BRIO 4K gaming webcam delivers fluid broadcasts that keep up with your moves. It retains a high frame rate regardless of the lighting to match your broadcast without any lags. Also, it has a 5x digital zoom in spectacular 4K resolution.

If you don’t want to spend a fortune on 4K cameras, you can look for a 1080 HD alternative. The Razer Kiyo has an elegant solution to deliver clear broadcasts even when the lighting isn’t so good. At 1080p, it creates 30 frames per second and 60 at 720p.

Wi-Fi Routers

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Nothing hurts than a poor internet connection while gaming online, right? If your internet connection is poor, you’ll likely experience laggy gaming. Better, faster routers are great PC gaming accessories. They not only improve your connection but also make gaming fun and thrilling.

Gaming routers prioritize your gaming connection over anything else. The Asus RT-AX88U is an ideal option for gaming. With advanced Wi-Fi 6 technology, it delivers ultra-fast speeds to handle even the busiest network with ease. To smoothen your gaming, it has a built-in WTFast intelligent network that secures the shortest path between your gaming server and PC. In addition, the Adaptive QoS prioritizes game packets.

Good Lighting

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The most attractive gaming setups are always well-lit. It would help if you leveraged newer modern lighting technologies to transform your workspace. Philips Hue Play smart lights not only take your gaming to a new top-notch level but also add color and ambiance.

With these lights, you have limitless possibilities to enhance your gaming environment. They have an aesthetically pleasing design that adapts well with any setup.

BlissLights Sky Lite LED Lights are a cheaper option, especially for novice gamers. It has advanced technology that incorporates glass optics, holographic, and direct diode laser to create an exquisite visual experience.

Gaming Glasses

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Spending lots of time glued on your gaming PC can have detrimental effects on your eyes. The combination of LED lights and lit PC gaming accessories strains causes eye strain. Luckily, with gaming glasses, you can enjoy trouble-free gaming.

Zenni Optical has a line of gaming glasses that provide protection regardless of the color your eyes are exposed to. The Zenni Blockz lens technology protects the eyes from harmful indoor lights. Zenni allows users to view glasses and select their prescriptions depending on underlying eye conditions.

You can also think of protecting yourself with the HORUS X Blue Light Blocking Glasses that offer a lifetime warranty and extremely efficient eye protection. They have a lightweight frame and smooth branches that provide optimal comfort.


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If you are into streaming, it’s essential to find well-enhanced microphones that reduce noise and smoothen audio quality. The HyperX QuadCast is an excellent choice when it comes to streaming games online and recording podcasts. It’s enhanced with features such as an anti-vibration shock mount, selectable polar patterns, and a tap-to-mute sensor.

The Razer Seiren Mini USB Streaming Microphone is also a solid choice as It complements other Razer PC gaming accessories seamlessly. This ultra-compact microphone produces professional-grade audio with stellar quality featuring deep lows and crisp highs. You want to pair it with a Razer mouse and keyboard to enhance your gaming experience.

When purchasing a microphone, ensure it’s suitable for gaming activities. It’s best if it complements other accessories in your gaming setup.

Roller Blade Wheels

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You can upgrade your gaming chair with rollerblade wheels for comfortable movements. These wheels increase the mobility of your gaming chair thanks to their swiveling.

The Growsland Office Chair Wheels can enhance your gaming chair’s movements. Professional engineers designed these wheels to deliver extra smooth and quiet rolling. The polyurethane material works great on any surface they are used on.

With a universal fit, they can be used in nearly every chair. Besides, they are easy to install in a simple pull-out push-in mechanism.

Always look for rollerblade wheels that can fit on any gaming chair. This is a plus as you can shift them between different chairs.


pc gaming headsets
Image by Pavel Karásek from Pixabay

Multiplayer games demand good headsets that can simulate sound. A pair of headsets provide a great deal of convenience as they offer the fantastic audio you need.

There are so many gaming headsets you can choose from. However, the Razer Kraken Ultimate RGB Gaming Headsets provide industry-leading audio realism that immerses you completely into the game. These headsets integrate with other PC gaming accessories from Philips Hue, Logitech, and much more. Razer enhanced these headsets with mechanical switches for fast actuation.

If you are on a budget, you can opt for the more affordable Virtual Surround Gaming Headsets. They have an adjustable mic, 7.1 surround sound effect, and an immersive stereo sound.

Look for good headsets that can be connected to your PC either wirelessly or with a cable. The ideal gaming headset should enable all sound pitches. Multi-colored headsets complement well with other gaming gear.

Gaming Earbuds

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Being able to hear everything is just as essential as netting a win. However, most eSport gamers often tend to overlook these simple yet crucial PC gaming accessories. They are very crucial as they enhance communication between you and your opponents.

The Razer Hammerhead wireless earbuds are designed for PC gaming. The pair sits comfortably in your ear without pushing into the ear canals. They also amplify sounds like gunshots and footsteps in games. When fully charged, they can last up to 15 hours.

Ergonomic Gaming Desk

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A backlit gaming desk is worth acquiring if you want a great gaming setup. These desks are designed to make gaming a breeze. They have enough space and numerous other features you can’t find in ordinary desks.

The Eureka Z2 Gaming Desk has a large surface enough to hold all your gaming gear. Also, it has LED lights that glow with color-changing lights to make the overall environment colorful. It has other features such as a cup holder, an additional mouse pad, and a headphone hook.

Eureka has a variety of gaming desks, and you can choose depending on your preference. They are perfect if you want to fight fatigue and engage yourself in gaming.

Mouse Pad

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Mousepads are must-have PC gaming peripherals. You don’t have to struggle to push your mouse all over the desk while you can find a relatively inexpensive pad. Ideally, mousepads are inexpensive, and all that you need is to ensure it’s thin and soft enough to allow excellent mouse operation.

Pro gamers use the Canjoy Gaming Mouse Pad as it is large enough for mouse movements. The non-slip rubber base holds it firmly on the desk to enhance a stable operation.

A gaming mouse pad should be large enough to allow large sweeping motions. Also, its underside must stick well on your desk to reduce movements.

Racing Wheel

Image by Andrzej Rembowski from Pixabay

Since racing games demand the best control equipment, having a handy wheel can add to the exhilarating experience.

The Logitech G29 Racing Wheel comes with all features such as a shifter knob, responsive pedal unit, and 900-degree steering. The easy-access game controls resemble those of actual racing cars. Ideally, it delivers the actual racing feeling you would get inside a real car. It’s compatible with PCs as well as PS3 and PS4 consoles.

The GT Omega Racing Wheel Stand helps mount your wheel so you can race effortlessly. It was designed for the Logitech G29, G920, and G923. It also fits all Thrustmaster and Fanatec wheels, gear shifters, and pedal units. This stand is fully adjustable, and you can tune each component to suit your preference.

When choosing a racing wheel, ensure there is a compatible mount, so you don’t have to bother thinking about positioning each component. The wheel stand should be solid to allow easy gaming. When it’s sturdy, it also protects other electronic components from damage.

Gaming Flight Control System

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In an age when flight games have become a hit, having great controls is the ultimate. They immerse you in the flight sims, enhancing the realism of the game.

Take the virtual skies with the Logitech G X52 Pro Flight control system. It has futuristic features that deliver a balanced flight simulation setup.

Ideally, the X52 Pro was designed to meet the demands of flight gaming. It comes with an advanced joystick with 3D Twist Rudder that enhances the gamer’s control. The illuminated buttons on the throttle and stick let you know where to press at a glance.

This system is compatible with windows 7, 8.1, and 10. Also, it is compatible with the majority of flight simulation games and software. With all these features, you will indeed have a great virtual flight gaming experience.

LED Projector

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If you don’t fancy a monitor display, why don’t you project the game on a wall? 4K LED projectors give you all the brightness you can think of. Besides, you can zoom for brighter, sharper, and bigger images.

The Optoma UHD50X delivers 4K ultra HD clarity and minimal input lag. It enables unparalleled smoothness and blur-free visuals. This projector is both HLG and HDR compatible so that users can enjoy deeper black levels and brighter whites.

If you aren’t on the higher budget, you can go for the QKK Upgraded 6000Lumens Projector. It’s full 1080p and comes with a tripod stand for hassle-free mounting. Since it’s a Wi-Fi projector, it was designed to synchronize seamlessly with your smartphone and remote router. Besides, you can connect with your PC via HDMI, USB, or AV.

Wearable Interface Glove

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Sometimes, gaming can become fast-paced, especially at advanced levels. The last thing you want is to lose a game due to sweaty, wet hands. Pro gamers use wearable interface gloves to maximize grip on gaming equipment.

The Gamer Gloves EPG helps eliminate slippage to keep the hands comfortable. If you are operating a mouse or joystick, they ensure minimal slipping to keep you in control of the game.

If you have an underlying medical condition such as Arthritis, the Copper Compression Gloves ensure nothing limits you from enjoying the game. They keep your wrists, hands, and fingers compressed thanks to the ultra-comfortable fabric.

Cable Management Sleeves

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Poor cable management makes your gaming desk look cluttered and filthy. Having cable management sleeves brings about some organization. Simple yet subtle, these sleeves hold the cables together, narrowing together to a single line.

AGPTEK has a wide variety of PC cable sleeves. They are long and can hold up to 6 medium-sized cables. With these cables, you won’t have cords spread everywhere on the table.

Headphone Stand

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Even when not actively gaming, your gaming desk should still look organized. A headphone stand secures the headphones in place when not in use. The best thing is they consume minimal space, so you don’t have to worry about lots of stuff everywhere.

An EKSA Gaming Headset Holder is one of the perfect PC gaming accessories you can’t afford to miss. It delivers a virtual sound surround as long as you have the EKSA’s Surround Sound driver. Also, it has three lighting modes to create the ultimate gaming atmosphere.

This EKSA headset holder has a plug-and-play function, so you only have to transfer files and play. The non-slip base ensures it stays firm on the table to safeguard your headsets.

If you don’t want items hovering on your table, you can consider the EURPMASK headset holder, which mounts on the sides. It can clamp on desks with a thickness of between 7mm- 37mm. Apart from headphones, they can hang anything not exceeding 1kg.

How to Pick the Best PC Gaming Accessories

With the best PC gaming peripherals, you’ll likely enjoy every action. Besides, they can help you win games that would be unwinnable with ordinary gear. Whether you are racing, playing combat, or in-flight simulation, these gaming gear will immerse you in the action.

While there are established gaming brands such as Logitech and Razer, you have many options at your disposal. The numerous brands available offer innovative products, and finding the right mix eliminates brand monotony. All you need is to ensure each item is of high quality and complements whatever you have or planning to add.

The Bottom Line

If you want to experience a great gaming adventure, try out these accessories. They enhance the overall gaming setup, and besides, most of them are affordable.

In essence, the world of gaming is broad, but these accessories help you explore it. Also, you don’t have to be a pro gamer to check out these gaming peripherals. Even at a beginner level, they can help you adapt well to gaming.

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