The 6 Best Videoconferencing Apps

We human beings are social animals. Be it a casual chat with friends, or a professional conversation with the boss, face to face meetups are a necessary part of our lives — and nowadays, a growing percentage of those face to face meetups occur via video conferencing. While you're staying at home, you can use some of the best videoconferencing apps available to connect with your social and professional circle.

According to a survey in 2019, over 95% of professionals agreed that video conferencing strengthened the bond among the company’s employees.

Whether you want to have a professional video call or a friendly meetup, there are a plethora of options available for you. Each video calling app has its own unique features. Some specialize in professional calls, others in informal and fun meetups, and others offer top-notch privacy measures. Let’s explore the best on the market.

Best Videoconferencing Apps for Professional Team Meetings


best videoconferencing apps

Consider using Zoom to conduct your team meetings. The Zoom app has witnessed a sudden rise in its user base in recent years. This is because Zoom was one of the first to offer advanced features such as secure video calling, screen sharing and team chat to its users. Furthermore, no matter your device or location, you can connect to Zoom meetings in an instant.

You can use the basic features of Zoom without paying a single cent. However, if you want to extend the services, you can choose a plan that suits your company's needs from a wide range of options. The app is lightweight and has a simple UI.

Cisco WebEx

Cisco WebEx is another good bet for professional video calls. In addition to video conferencing you can also share files and applications over this app. It offers a free trial along with plans up to $69/mo. This is a robust video conferencing application for large organizations and allows you to easily conduct product launchings, webinars and training for up to 3,000 employees in a single meeting. Cisco WebEx tops the list for Zoom competitors.

Best Videoconferencing Apps for Hanging Out With Your Friends


This interactive app was downloaded 17 Million times in March 2020, showing just how popular Houseparty became among friend groups who suddenly were unable to get together in person. Houseparty's unique calling card that separates it from other Zoom competitors: its ability to host open video call rooms which up to 8 friends can join at any time. You can host meetings, make private rooms, interact with your friend’s friends, and even play games while talking to your friends over video call. In addition to its free features, Houseparty also allows in-app purchases.


Google Duo is a lightweight app that allows video calling even over weak internet connections. Among the earliest Skype alternatives, Duo allows video calling even if the receiving party hasn’t installed the app.

Furthermore, Duo doesn't require the use of your mobile number for video calling, which gives it an edge over other Zoom competitors. In addition, the WebRTC and end-to-end encryption assure complete security.

Best Videoconferencing Apps For Security

Even though the aforementioned video conferencing apps take appropriate security measures, these two apps take security to the next level.


Although it is not as popular as other Zoom competitors, WIRE ensures proper privacy for its users. Wire has a super easy setup and a smooth user-friendly UI. Like other video conferencing apps, Wire offers video-calling. Furthermore, its end-to-end encryption and security algorithms make it a primary choice for individuals who want iron-clad security.


Signal is probably the most reliable video calling service when it comes to security. Besides traditional features, Signal offers security measures on every level. From securing the login to end-to-end encryption protocols, it covers every aspect of security. You can verify the receiver with the help of a verifiable key and send self-destructing messages to ensure privacy and an untraceable history.

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