Easily Distracted? Here Are 8 Apps To Help You Focus

Social media has become a constant source of distraction. Notifications from Twitter, Facebook, or other social media platforms continuously disrupt productivity and make the task at hand challenging to undertake. So, here’s a list of apps to help you focus and stop you from going down the rabbit hole of online distractions.

1. RescueTime

RescueTime is one of the most effective apps to help you focus. It allows you to block sites that might compromise your concentration, and formulates comprehensive reports on how much time you spend on various websites and apps. The application also identifies trends; for instance, if you browse Facebook or Twitter during the late afternoon, RescueTime will highlight the trend in your report while cautioning you against the bad habit.

2. StayFocusd

StayFocusd is available for all Chrome users, and you can install it as an extension. The app will ask you to list websites that are your biggest sources of distractions while setting your daily limit for that site. Once you've used up your time, the sites will be automatically blocked while you concentrate on working productively.

3. Mindful Browsing

For those of us who get easily distracted, Mindful Browsing provides gentle nudges to keep you away from time-wasting websites. One feature allows users to bypass the blocker for ten additional minutes of procrastination, but you can stick to your guns and follow your schedule to the letter by adhering to the site instructions. The next time you try to visit any of the distracting websites, Mindful Browsing will remind you about the goals you have set for yourself.

4. Cold Turkey Blocker

Cold Turkey Blocker lets users choose to block specific websites and social media platforms that might distract them once they start to buckle down. The app has a slick interface that is compatible with macOS and Windows, and can be useful for people who want to restrict their online procrastination. Cold Turkey Blocker offers both a basic free version and a paid pro version.

5. Clockify

Clockify is a trusted and free time tracking app that helps a user stay focused. It's a simple timesheet and time tracker app that will allow you and your team members track working hours across all projects. With Clockify, the user can get a perfect look at his or her work week, improve the project's profitability, see what team members are doing, and more.

6. Harvest Time Tracking

With Harvest, you can easily track time, log expenses, and manage invoices as well. It's a beloved and trusted time monitoring app used by many professionals and teams in more than 100 countries worldwide. With Harvest, users can enjoy an enhanced time monitoring experience for the most popular project management tools.

7. Everhour

Everhour is an accurate and reliable employee time tracking software for the primary purpose of reporting, payroll, and invoicing. Everhour helps a user keep track of all project budgets, schedule threshold alerts, build reports, and more. The main feature that makes Everhour one of the best productivity apps is that it natively integrates with each user's project management app so that he or she can track the time on tasks right from the interface. This application is best for employers who need to schedule their employees' hours and see their workload and time-off.

8. Forest Chrome Extension

Forest provides an exciting and appealing solution to save the user's time and get rid of internet addiction. The Forest Chrome extension allows the user to set a timer once they decide to get some work done. It also lets the user put all the distracting websites in a Blacklist that will prevent them from losing focus while working.

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