6 Fun Games To Play Online When Bored

Playing games online with your friends and family members can be a lot of fun, especially when everyone is trapped in their homes, avoiding large in-person gatherings. Fortunately, there are plenty of fun games to play online when bored. Here are some of the most popular, fun games to play online with friends.

NBA 2K20

For sports lovers who love to get out on the court with their friends but can't for now, NBA 2K20 brings all the joy and excitement of playing basketball right in your living room.

The game is incredibly competitive, features realistic graphics, and is a joy to play with friends and family alike. An NBA 2K20 virtual copy will cost you around $60, and the physical copies are going for $30 on almost every gaming platform. And the game is also available for free on Xbox live game pass. 

Sea of Thieves 

If you are not feeling sporty and just want to have a somewhat relaxing, exciting time with your friends, exploring the Sea and visiting exotic beaches, then Sea of Thieves might be just the game you are looking for. It is a pirate adventure, open-world multiplayer game that you can play with friends for hours on end. Sea of Thieves is a game for all ages, and a player can take up to 3 friends on a treasure hunt and build their own pirate adventure in the open seas. The game costs $50 on XBox and PC and is free to play on the Xbox Game Pass. 

Rocket League

Rocket League is a very simple game and is classified as a car soccer title. As absurd as it sounds, if you have never played Rocket League, then don't let the premise fool you. Rocket League is quite the engrossing title where our goal as the player is to control a small car in a huge soccer field with an even bigger ball and destroy the opposing team in 5 minutes. As you complete various goals with your squad or just online with other players, the game rewards you with various cosmetic items. Rocket League will set you back $20 on all gaming platforms. 

Cards Against Humanity

Cards Against Humanity is a party game that was originally released in 2011, and is now available online. This politically incorrect game, for those who don't know, is quite risqué and can get rather offensive at times. The game is free to play on PlayCards.io, where, up to 6 players can play it remotely on their phones with friends.

Mario Kart Tour

Everyone's favorite childhood classic, Mario Kart Tour, is the same old Mario game with many new tracks that can go underwater or take you high gliding in the sky. Its online player mode is quite fun if you want to play something light with your friends. Mario Kart Tour is free to play on Android and IOS, and although it has in-game cosmetic and mode purchases, you can just play the classic without spending a single dime and have a great evening. After all these years, Mario Kart Tour is still one of the most fun games to play online when bored.

Jackbox Games

The most popular party pack games that you can get right now, Jackbox Games feature unique, wild party games in a digital format that you can effortlessly play with your friends. Jackbox provides many fun titles like Drawfl 2, Fibbage 3, Tee K.O, Mad Verse City, and many more to the table that you can buy online, either in party packs or individually. 

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