5 Gaming Essentials You’ll Need For Your At-Home Gaming Setup

As PC gaming becomes increasingly popular, more and more people are becoming interested in building custom gaming setups for the ultimate gaming experience. But for someone just getting into gaming, figuring out the basic gaming setup requirements can get quite confusing. So we've compiled a list of the 5 gaming essentials you'll need, along with our top recommendations of products in each category.

Best Gaming Chair: 

Courtesy OFM Essentials

Starting off with the most fundamental component of any gaming essentials list, here we have one of the best, ergonomically designed gaming chair that will support you in your gaming sessions for hours. This gaming chair from OFM Essentials collection is not only cheap but is also incredibly comfortable and is considered to be on par with some chairs that cost 2 to 3 times more.

Best Gaming Table: 

Courtesy AmazonBasics

After the chair, the 2nd most important component is the gaming table. The desk table defines the space you have to put all your computer peripherals and anything else you might need within arms reach in between your gaming sessions.

If you've got lots of space in your gaming room, we recommend that you look into L-shaped tables. For gamers with more limited space, we recommend AmazonBasics Gaming Computer Desk, which has everything you might need in a gaming desktop. Its cheap price and small size makes it ideal for tight places and budget builds.

Best Gaming Headset: 

Courtesy Steelseries

Gaming headsets are just like any other normal headsets but are differentiated by their unique look and the essential mic that comes with them. These headsets are extremely important if you like to play online games with your friends, as dialogue between teammates and opponents can be incredibly important (and of course, lots of fun.) Gaming headsets come in a variety of shapes and sizes with amps and such but, if you are not that big of an audiophile and a system that sounds good is enough for you, then the Steelseries Arctis 1 will suit you well. 

Best Gaming Monitors: 

Courtesy BenQ
Courtesy AGON

What's a list of gaming essentials without a high-quality gaming monitor? Many gaming enthusiasts swear by the specs of high-end gaming monitors with high refresh rates and ultra-HD display quality. For novice gamers, however, most gaming monitors that have been on the market for quite some time have specs that are more than enough to fulfill any gaming setup requirements.

A good rule of thumb when looking for a good gaming monitor is that you should define which types of games you play the most. If they are mostly RPG Titles, then a monitor with 60 HZ and HD resolution or higher will be an excellent choice. For this preference, we'd recommend the BenQ EL2870U 28 inch 4K Monitor,

Or on the other hand, if you are more into fast-playing games, go for a 120-HZ monitor even if you sacrifice a bit of resolution in doing so.  In this case, the AOC Agon 35 inch is an excellent value at its price point.  

Best Mousepad 

Many new gamers often overlook the importance of a good gaming desktop pad when making a list of gamer must-haves. Later on, they have to struggle with a book or piece of paper under their mouse, inevitably getting in the way of enjoying a really good game.

The good thing about mousepads is that they are quite cheap. You can easily get any medium-sized mouse pad that gives the mouse a lot of room to move around and actually complement the mouse's performance, especially in a high-stake FPS environment.  

So, for a good mouse pad, we recommend the Razer Sphex V2  — an ultra-thin, cheap mousepad that can easily outlast any gaming setup you might have and can even take on a bit of abuse through intense gaming matchups. 

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