PlayStation Plus vs Xbox Live Gold vs Nintendo Switch Online

Like just about every industry nowadays, modern gaming companies now offer subscription services for avid gamers to enjoy gaming in a more affordable, economical manner. But with so many options available, finding the best video game subscription can get a bit confusing. And rightfully so, as all of these game membership services can seem quite similar on the surface. Still, there are major differences to consider. So, let's take a look at three of the most popular options: Playstation Plus vs XBox Live Gold vs Nintendo Switch Online.


PlayStation Plus service is $11.95 per month on their monthly package. The most cost-efficient purchase for gamers who are sure they'll stick with Playstation Plus is Sony's yearly service package, which with an upfront cost of $79.95, brings the monthly cost down to $6.67. 

The Xbox Live Gold's offering, meanwhile, is just $9.99 per month, or $24.99 for a quarterly subscription.

Nintendo Switch Online is the cheapest of the three, with its monthly subscription service starting at $3.99, and the yearly game membership costing just $19.99. Nintendo also has other family packages which are also quite affordable.

Subscription Features: 

What really sets these gaming subscriptions apart from each other are the game membership bonuses that they offer.  

The oldest video game subscription service on this list, Xbox Live Gold is the most stable and offers excellent rewards. They give away four games to their subscribers each month. Though these games are often old XBox 360 titles, XBox Live Gold has been known to include gems here and there with many AAA titles also being given away on some occasions. 

The PlayStation Plus game subscription services are fairly new. They started in the PS3 era and had quite a terrible start during their early days. Since Sony has invested a lot in providing subscribers the best service, they have made significant improvements over the years. They offer two games as a special bonus every month, and although Sony has removed old PS Vita titles from the service, subscribers can be sure to get AAA titles like Bloodborne as a freebie on special terms. 

With Nintendo Switch Online's video game subscription, players can access old NES titles as an added bonus. So, if you are a NES fan, this special feature with the added leaderboard system is a treat. 

Additionally, all of these game subscription services include online multiplayer and Voice Chat features and special in-store discounts that the subscribers can take advantage of to make the most of their subscriptions. 

How To Choose Between Playstation Plus vs XBox Live Gold vs Nintendo Switch Online

If you are looking for the best video game subscription between Playstation Plus vs XBox Live Gold vs Nintendo Switch Online, then consider the types of games that you like to play.

The console services are quite similar in terms of what they offer, with Nintendo Switch Online being the best value at its low price and Xbox Live Gold and PlayStation Plus being quite comparable in price.

Xbox Live Gold offers just a bit more than its immediate competitors in terms of modern games, but if you like NES titles and old retro games, Nintendo Switch Online should be a no brainer.

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