Skillshare vs Udemy Best Comparison (2021)

When looking for the best online courses, there are two frequently available options: Skillshare and Udemy.  Both resources offer a wide array of courses regardless of the subject.

With the increased demand for online courses, Skillshare and Udemy help many learners to acquire skills. So, why the Skillshare vs Udemy Comparison? They are both ideal learning platforms with affordable courses for all skill levels.

This article helps you to understand both of these online resources, how they function, and how users can benefit from them.

This Udemy vs Skillshare comparison analyzes various factors, ranging from the types of courses offered and pricing, to help choose the right platform. Read on!

What is Skillshare?

Founded in 2010, Skillshare is a community of online educators and learners. It’s a broad network that connects both educators and learners.  The platform allows both learners and tutors to interact seamlessly through sharing courses, content, and presentations.

Skillshare courses range from career-oriented to personal development. Whether you want to learn Math concepts or develop personal coding skills, Skillshare offers it all.

Ideally, Skillshare was designed to enable individuals to enhance their skills and shine in various professions. The broad learning network ensures educators can offer their skills while learners access top-notch learning.

Skillshare Features

Skillshare has a wide array of features that makes it a highly desirable online learning platform. Some of the main features include;

Shared Learning Experience

Through Skillshare, both learners and educators benefit from shared learning. The platform has a built-in audience feature that brings together students looking to learn a similar course. This makes it easy to share knowledge.

Groups Feature

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Skillshare has a ‘Group’ feature that connects different members depending on their preference. The groups are divided into Lifestyle, Business, Tech, and Creative. However, only premium members can participate in these groups.

When you are a group member, you can share courses, ask questions, and discuss with other members. For users who like to cooperate with like-minded people, they can have seamless interactions. Users can discuss intriguing, mind-blowing topics and raise their knowledge bar.

Class Builder

Skillshare allows educators to build their classes within the platform effortlessly. There are no applications, and all that they have to do is create a draft and work towards building a class. Once a class is ready, the educator can publish it.

The class builder comes with a teacher handbook to help new educators understand the whole process. It includes the best practices, tools, and inspirations needed to become a top educator.

Mobile Platform

Skillshare is multi-platform to enable all users to access their classes from any device. As long as your device is connected to the internet, you can access all Skillshare courses.

You can sync progress on both your mobile device and computer and get going. The mobile application is suitable for both android and iOS users.

Offline Viewing

Skillshare offers offline viewing for premium members across both android and iOS apps. Once you are connected to the internet, you can click to download your courses. With the courses on your device, you can decide when best to view and continue learning.

Skillshare Teams

With Skillshare, you can quickly learn as a team and achieve a common purpose. The Skillshare for Teams feature allows organizations to train members using the Skillshare courses. Companies can equip their employees with the ultimate skills, thanks to Skillshare courses.

To enable business training and take organizations forwards, Skillshare has two plans for business teams; Starter and Enterprise. These plans come with a wide range of business capabilities such as API integrations, engagement tools, and custom reports.

For businesses that want to cultivate a culture of learning, Skillshare offers the ultimate platform. They can integrate Skillshare with their ERP and track progress through analytics.

Best Skillshare Courses

There are so many courses offered on Skillshare, but which are the best? Since Skillshare is diverse, you will find so many courses. However, it’s good to look out for the best online courses that you can excel in.

The best Skillshare Courses include;

iPhone Photography

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This is among the most sought-after Skillshare courses ever. The course is a favorite for so many students looking to perfect their photography skills. It teaches beginners how to take high-quality iPhone photos.

Also, this course trains learners on how to mount their devices onto the equipment and focus on producing clear images.

Adobe Photoshop- By Daniel Scott

If you have ever wanted to learn the best Photoshop skills, Skillshare has got you covered. It has numerous lessons that take users from novice to superstar effortlessly.

Some of the lessons include color enhancements, layering, sizing, and masking. It comes along with creative projects that allow learners to showcase their skills.


Have you ever wanted to learn those fancy calligraphy skills? Bryn Chernoff has a well-optimized course that guides learners through all steps in learning Calligraphy. This creative course is designed to take you from amateur to pro step by step.

Skillshare Classes Explained

Skillshare has over 27,000 classes designed to help familiarize with the subjects perfectly. They are actionable and authentic and train real-life scenarios.

The best Skillshare classes focus on entrepreneurial skills such as illustration, web design, photography, and programming.

Here are some features of Skillshare classes;

Tailored for Human Understanding

Unlike most online communities, Skillshare is unique. The platform was designed with the average learner in mind. It connects people so they can have seamless interactions.

The classes communicate to the students in the most simplistic manner. This cultivates a great sense of community and belonging.


Classes aren’t just an avenue to pass information. Rather, they are a sort of fun projects to help learners share skills and knowledge as a community. Creating and sharing projects and receiving feedback is a huge bonus for learners who thrive in interactive environments.

Goal-oriented and Digestible

The majority of Skillshare classes range from 20-60 minutes of pre-recorded video. To make the projects more digestible, videos are broken down into shorter series not exceeding 5 minutes.

This approach ensures learners can digest as much as possible. It’s a significant shift from the traditional classes that could exceed 2 hours.

Skillshare Pricing

Should price be a primary concern? This Skillshare vs Udemy comparison unearths both pricing models to see which is the most viable for learners.

Skillshare allows users to access a wide variety of classes for only $8 a month. When billed annually, users pay only $30, averaging $2.49 monthly. With this price, you can access as many courses as you want and interact with as many members as possible.

Rather than paying for a single class, a single premium membership sorts you out. The Skillshare pricing method was designed as an incentive to allow members to take as many courses as possible. It’s affordable, and with as low as $8 monthly, you can learn as much as possible.

Skillshare Free Trial

Whether you want to pursue a dream course that will help you acquire a dream job or a skill to monetize your talent, Skillshare offers it all. The 7-day Skillshare free trial allows members to test whether it can help fulfill their goals.

Alongside the low membership fees, the Skillshare free trial allows users to take actual courses and engage users in the communities at zero fees. This period is enough to test a few courses and see if they suit your needs; you only pay after satisfaction.

Next in this Skillshare vs Udemy Comparison is a comprehensive review of Udemy. Read on!

What is Udemy?

Udemy is a large online resource with over 150,000 courses and more than 50 million learners. Founded in 2010, Udemy has grown significantly, and it’s inarguably one of the largest online learning platforms.

Udemy provides a platform for specialists to make courses and make them available for the public at a fee. Learners from all over the world can access these courses and improve their knowledge.

These Udemy courses are made by expert tutors and checked for quality. Students can take any course they want, from tech and business to craft and personal development. Unlike many platforms that intend to focus on an academic approach, Udemy focuses on offering practical skills and knowledge.

In this Udemy review, we’ll explore the top features, pricing, and some of the best courses you can undertake. Keep reading!

Udemy Features

Udemy offers a wide range of courses. Also, it’s straightforward and has an excellent user interface. For learners seeking to build up knowledge, Udemy is a handy platform.

Some of Udemy features include;

Wide Range of Courses

Udemy has over 150,000 courses, and the best part, it’s still growing. Tutors join the platform every day to offer various courses to learners.

Each course is offered separately, and the platform is designed on the website such that choosing courses is never a problem. The courses are arranged according to the specific categories where they belong.

Each broad category has smaller subcategories with sets of related courses. Once a learner selects a specific category, the hierarchy redirects them to smaller subcategories to find the best courses.

30-day Money Back Guarantee

Students can get back their money within 30-days if they decide not to pursue an enrolled course. This protects learners from losing money while ensuring the instructors don't suffer losses as well.

The 30-day money-back guarantee has a few conditions. The refund rules are so broad, and learners have to follow a set of instructions to have their money back.

For instance, if the student cannot cope with the instructor’s accent, they can request their money back. Some instructors are non-native English speakers, and this affects many learners. Also, if the course doesn’t live to your expectations, you can as well ask for a refund.

The best thing is that Udemy attracts honest learners and tutors, and refunds are rare.

Enhanced Video Player

Udemy has a great video player that provides a seamless learning experience. The video player has closed captions so students who don’t understand the instructor’s accent can follow through with the captions.

Also, it has a built-in notepad to allow students to make notes while going through a course.

Course Quality Checks

Every uploaded course is checked thoroughly by subject experts before it can be made public. This ensures all courses are professional and marketable.

If a course cannot pass the quality check, it’s either returned to the instructor for corrections or discarded entirely. This quality control is rigorous and only allows innovative courses that deliver value.

Also, Udemy performs periodic checks for existing courses to ensure they are up to date. Once a course is deemed outdated, the quality control department may be revising or pulling it down entirely.

A close eye is also kept on low rates courses. Once learners complain or rate a course poorly, the quality control department jumps into action to establish why.

Assignment Sharing

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Udemy provides an assignment feature to allow students to evaluate their knowledge. The assignment feature is open to sharing with others. Learners can share their assignments with colleagues and get feedback.

Lifetime Access to Enrolled Courses

Once learners enroll in a course, they have lifetime access. The courses can be reviewed or retaken countless times without any additional cost. Lifetime access ensures students can take their time to understand a particular subject perfectly. No matter your schedule or interruptions, the course remains available.

Students gain instant access to the course upon enrollment. They can access all course materials, from PDFs, guidelines, and templates instantly.

Self-paced Courses

Udemy courses consist of short video lectures starting from 5-15 minutes. Students can watch the videos back and forth, replaying as many times as they want. These courses are designed progressively depending on the learner’s level.

Beginner videos have each section covered in a reasonable amount of time to allow students to grasp the concept effortlessly. The courses incorporate interim quizzes to allow students to gauge their subject mastery.

Enhanced Search and Featured Courses

Udemy categorizes the most popular courses as ‘featured’ so students can find them effortlessly. These courses have a higher rating, mostly above 4.7 stars. Each subject has featured courses that students can access easily without much hassle.

Also, there are ‘Popular Topics’ and ‘Popular Instructors’ sections to ease searching. Once a learner searches a particular subject and clicks on “Popular Instructors’, the search result page lists all relevant courses offered.

Students have the option of filtering courses based on price, language, video duration, and rating. They can as well choose courses with subtitles since they make learning easier. Ideally, Udemy was designed to improve the learner's experience.

Best Udemy Courses in 2021

There is a huge variety of courses in Udemy. Each course is offered by an industry professional. The best Udemy courses include;

Web Development

Udemy has a series of web development bootcamps for developers. Aspiring web developers can access a wide variety of course materials from the various instructors and enhance their skills.

There are so many Udemy web development courses from a variety of instructors globally. Most of these courses are highly rated as students derive lots of value from them.

Business Fundamentals

Udemy business courses are enhanced to assist entrepreneurs, business students, and managers. These courses equip learners with the ultimate business concepts ranging from sales and marketing to financial management.

In these business courses, learners go through topics such as raising capital, income statements, owner’s equity, and many more. They also learn the importance of financial planning, budgeting, and marketing.

A good example is the MBA -The Business Fundamentals + 30 Hours of Business Concepts. This course allows learners to master essential business concepts applicable in today’s business world.

Digital Marketing

Udemy is very popular with digital marketing courses. With the world going digital every day, learners have to grasp effective digital marketing skills; Udemy offers it all. These courses teach SEO, social media marketing, email marketing, analytics, and much more.

Udemy digital marketing courses allow learners to learn unique selling propositions and drive traffic for more sales.

The Complete Digital Marketing Course – 12 Courses in 1 is a diverse course with numerous topics. It allows learners to understand how to apply digital marketing in real-life scenarios.

Udemy Pricing

The Skillshare vs Udemy comparison can’t be complete without reviewing the price positions. Udemy pricing is different from Skillshare pricing as learners pay for the courses they want to pursue. Each course has a different price depending on complexity and timeframe.

Udemy courses range from $11.99 to 200. Shorter courses are relatively cheap, while their more technical counterparts have higher prices.

Udemy doesn’t place a price on its courses. All the prices are charged by the instructors. Also, Udemy doesn’t charge users on a subscription basis. Users don’t have to pay monthly or annual fees to access these courses.

Udemy checks all courses to ensure users don’t pay for an invaluable course.

Udemy Free Trial

Unlike Skillshare, Udemy doesn’t offer a free trial. All courses have a price tag that users have to meet before access.

However, there are some free courses on Udemy. However, most of these are thinly-veiled and are just upsells for other courses. Most free Udemy courses are made by relatively newer instructors looking to make a name for themselves.

It’s good to note that Udemy has frequent offers that see courses sell at a discount. Instructors can as well place courses on offer to encourage more purchases.

Are Udemy Courses Worth It?

Udemy has top-notch courses that impact skills and knowledge. The best thing with Udemy courses is that they pass through a quality control process.

The Udemy courses are rated by previous users. Typically, the highly-rated course translates to the best ones. This means new users can filter for the highly-rated ones as they indicate high value.

Udemy is worth it when you take time to choose the best courses. Reviews and ratings guide users to make the right decisions.

Udemy Certification

Skillshare vs Udemy; Udemy Certification

Upon course completion, Udemy offers a certificate for all courses. Since Udemy isn’t affiliated with any educational institution, these courses aren’t accredited. This certification indicates proof of course completion, and it’s hard to say whether the learner gained much value.

Including a Udemy certification might not give much weight during job interviews. There is no way to prove the legitimacy of the course or the value it wields. However, some employers may consider the learner's efforts to add more skills.

Udemy is, therefore, a platform to help gain skills rather than build credentials.

Skillshare vs Udemy: Which is the Best?

Both Udemy and Skillshare are great learning platforms. They help learners gain the skills they want.

Each platform has unique features from the other. Skillshare operates as a wide community of learners and educators. On the other hand, Udemy is a learning marketplace where learners purchase courses offered by educators.

Both platforms are ideal for learners. If you want to share knowledge with your similar-oriented learners, Skillshare might be the best bet. Premium members can discuss with each other in groups. Udemy courses are the best if you are looking for high-quality content instantly. Unlike Skillshare, their courses are created by qualified tutors and pass through quality checks. With Udemy, you are sure of acquiring top-notch skills.

Skillshare is budget-friendly. With a premium subscription as low as $2.5 monthly, you are assured of accessing unlimited articles for a low fee. Udemy is relatively expensive, as users have to pay for each course.

Ideally, Udemy has a more straightforward approach. The high prices notwithstanding, the courses follow a more systematic approach.

What have you learned from this Skillshare vs Udemy comparison? Are you ready to select your next courses? If you didn’t have an idea on how to go about it, this review can be a great guide.

Udemy is a clear winner when it comes to quality. On the other hand, Skillshare wins on price and community engagement. Whichever platform you choose, you will definitely derive lots of value.

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