The Best Guide to Help You Learn Photography at Home (2021)

Do you want to learn how to take perfect shots? How to produce creative photography? Or how to find inspiration to take the most intriguing photos? Are you looking forward to creating some world-class photo collections or films? Yes, that’s possible when you learn photography in depth.

Like modern crafts, learning photography gives you the will and the skill to become a great photographer. With photography evolving significantly, it’s crucial to get well-versed with how to do it the modern way. Currently, it incorporates various aspects, from creativity, equipment use, choice of photo elements, and much more.

We aren’t in the past where all you needed was a rather blurry camera with some low-to-medium features. You have to commit to a far length if you want to learn photography. In fact, the commitment required is much more if you want to learn photography and use it as a source of income.

This article breaks down the ultimate steps to learning photography, the best photography course to try, and how to kickstart your photography career. Read on for handy tips on how to go about it!

What Makes Great Photography?

Photo by Alexander Dummer from Pexels

To be a good photographer, it’s essential to understand what constitutes great photography. What makes great photos?

Here are some of the fundamental elements you should know before going forward to learn photography:


Image is all about finding the colors seamlessly. Color sets the mood and plays a key role in the viewer’s emotions. Color can exude certain emotions such as gloom, sadness, excitement, and mystery. Finding the right color combo is key to creating powerful images that evoke the ultimate emotions.


The texture of an image is what draws attention. The texture is all about using items in the background to add a sense of emotion. It is brought about by other individual elements in the larger picture. For instance, a photo with a misty background and green vegetation can send a relaxed emotion.


Lines in photography define the path that the viewer follows. It isn’t a geometrical line but a connection between 2 elements. It could be anything from the skyline to curved roads. Lines give your photo structure which defines its intention. A fine line connects the viewer perfectly with the photos.


Light is a critical element in all photographs as it illuminates the subject. Whether artificial or natural light, its direction, and quality are essential. Good lighting creates a mood within the photo. It can emphasize other elements such as texture and depth. In fact, light is probably the most crucial element that any novice photographer should understand.

Things You Need to Learn About Photography

Here are some vital things to learn in photography:

Learn Exposure

Exposure is a Vital Concept to Grasp from the Beginning

Exposure is simply how dark or lit an image is. Overly bright images are overexposed, while too dark images are underexposed. It comes from the way each camera’s digital sensor is exposed to lighting. It’s based on three main settings;

-Shutter Speed

Shutter speed is how long your camera is exposed to lighting. Aperture refers to the size of the lens’s opening, while ISO is the Camera’s sensitivity to lighting. The key factor is knowing how to balance the three settings for the ultimate exposure.

Learn Composition

To be a master photographer, learning composition is essential. Composition is what you see through the camera lens.

To learn photography perfectly, you need to know how to leverage photo composition. This involves changing angles, zooming, and much more. This is where you apply the rule of thirds such that the subject appears in every section of the photo.

Perfect Your Post Production

To learn photography seamlessly, you should take an all-around approach that doesn’t end in taking perfect shots. Ideally, it should extend beyond that to post-production.

Post-production involves the use of programs such as Lightroom, Photoshop, etc., to create better-looking images. Learn how to edit photos with top-of-the-range tools, enhance sharpness, and blend various elements seamlessly.

Master Lighting

Unless you are the mythical ‘Greek god of Apollo,’ you can’t really be the true master of lighting. However, you can perfect the skill to improve the way you take photographs.

To learn photography lighting, you have to understand the following;

-Light subtleties and facets
-How to work with light in any circumstance
-How to create light

You won’t become a master at once, but a continued learning process will help you master the skill seamlessly.

Worried where to start? Light is almost anywhere, be it the morning sun, cloudy middays, or the one coming from your house windows. There is no limit in lighting; all you need is to keep learning and seeking different light situations.

Photography Gear

Photo by Simon Migaj from Pexels

The most essential photography gear is the camera and its accessories; there is doubt! To become a great photographer, you need to understand how to optimize the different components. Ideally, you should know the best camera to buy, the ultimate lenses, tripod stands, etc.

Get to know the ins and outs of a camera, its speeds, lens properties, controls, limitations, pixels, and other elements. With the right info in mind, it’s easier to choose the perfect photography gear that you deserve.

Rule of Thirds

The rule of thirds is a prerequisite that an image should be divisible in three sections horizontally and three sections vertically so that it forms a total of 9 subsections. The rule indicates that every image you take should distribute your scene's key elements in several sections to make it more visually captivating.

Tips on How to Learn Photography

There are so many ways to learn photography. You can teach yourself at home, learn from photography courses, or even seek an apprenticeship. Whichever method you use, you should always aim to be an expert in the niche.

Here are some proven tips on how to learn photography;

Photography Clubs

To learn photography easily, you may have to think about joining some clubs. Photographers are interactive in nature, and despite your location, you won’t miss various photography clubs. As soon as you get a camera, look for fellow photographers that you can join.

Besides, most photography clubs are so vibrant, a very key factor to professional progression. Hanging around other professional photographers encourages you to learn various tricks and tips and share your knowledge regardless of how shallow it is. A photography club is an ultimate place to be as it presents the opportunity to interact with others and learn different styles.

Online Photography Courses

You can learn photography online thanks to the highly enhanced photography courses. Learning photography online is one of the surest ways of becoming an expert in the niche.

Online photography courses are wide and range from actual shooting and post-production to finding creativity. They demystify the various elements for photography to equip you with the skill. Online courses from MasterClass, Skillshare, and Udemy equip novice photographers with the ultimate skills.

The best thing about online courses is that they are created by absolute experts who understand the craft seamlessly. With the right photography courses, you are sure to learn photography more effortlessly.

Video Tutorials

You Can Learn Photography via YouTube Tuitorials

Looking for a rather inexpensive way to learn photography? Video tutorials from YouTube can give you a great head start. While there are so many videos, it’s easy to filter the best by simply leveraging viewership, subscribers, and even likes.

Professional photographers like sharing tips and tricks to help amateurs learn photography. You can use video tutorials to supplement the knowledge gained from online courses. These tutorials also come in handy when you are starting on a rather low budget. Despite being free, they offer lots of valuable tips and information.

Take Your Camera Everywhere

Practice! Practice! Practice! The best way to learn photography is by practicing as much as possible. While online learning and video tutorials equip you with the ultimate knowledge, practice makes learning the craft easy. You will never put this knowledge to use until you take as many photos as possible.

Whenever you are going, always take your camera. You don’t have to wait till you purchase your first state-of-the-art equipment; your mobile phone is also a great camera to get started with! Make it a habit to carry your camera whenever you are going.

Whether on a walk, shopping, or even chilling at home, always take as many photos as possible. The perfect opportunity to take the best shots will always present itself at some point, so you better utilize it!

Challenge Yourself

Now that you’ve learned a few skills and taken some stunning shots, what next? Take up a challenge of your choice and see how perfect you can get.

Find a rather challenging setting and test your skills. That can be a sporting event, flying birds, or even shooting in the worst possible scenarios. The bigger the challenge, the more thrilling it gets.

Best Courses to Learn Photography

Thanks to the democratized online courses, you can learn photography easily. Here are the best photography courses to start with;

KelbyOne Photography Courses

KelbyOne photography courses are diverse, covering topics in photoshoots, lightroom, and photoshop. It is a comprehensive course, including numerous tools for students who want to immerse themselves in learning photography.

If you want to learn photography as a professional, this course provides a vast library of courses, eBooks, tutorials, and much more. The various course are taught by photography masters, including Scott Kelby and Moose Peterson.

Harvard’s Digital Photography Course

Harvard University Offers a Resourceful Course to Learn Photography

Offered by Harvard University, the Digital Photography Course aims to teach aspiring photographers the technical aspects. It includes classes on digital photography, aspects of cameras like lens and shutter properties, etc.

The 12-video course covers topics on Video, color, exposure, optics, software tools, and lighting. Besides, learners can access a variety of learning materials and links to the referenced sites. The course is taught by Dan Armendariz, a technical computer expert who helps understand all technical aspects effortlessly. It is worthwhile to learn more about cameras and how to use them to create amazing photos. And you know what? It’s also a free chance to learn at Harvard, so you better make the best out of it!

Nikon School Online

How about learning from perhaps the biggest camera company in the world? Having ventured into the photography industry for several decades, Nikon offers an affordable course to learn photography. It doesn’t matter whether you are a beginner or an experienced photographer. All there is that you will learn photography in depth and enhance your skills.

Taught by various experienced photographers and camera designers, these Nikon Courses help refine skills, especially if you plan to photograph with Nikon Cameras. It touches on the fundamentals of photography, the Nikon DSLR, video production, how to photograph various elements such as pets and kids, exploring landscapes, and much more.

Introduction to Photography by Udemy

This  Udemy photography course, which covers over 3 hours, helps beginner photographers to learn the ultimate photography skills. In the well-crafted course, you will learn how to get started, capture moments, and take perfect shots in some of the most challenging environments like the fast-paced city of Dubai.

Charles Verghese, the course creator, ensured it’s zero-fluff and highly resourceful, not the typical course with lots of time-wasting fluffy stories. Charles explains various courses, including focus points, firmware, camera adjustments, aperture, exposure, composition, and much more!

Annie Leibovitz Teaches Photography by MasterClass

Annie Helps You Learn Photography Seamlessly
Annie is a World-Class Photographer

Annie Leibovitz, one of the world’s renowned photographers, teaches photography from a practical side. The genuine portrait shares her journey from novice to mastery and how she could adapt to changes in the photography industry.

Rather than teaching about cameras and specification, she emphasizes building up an idea, finding creativity, and using natural elements such as light to bring photography to life. Her concept of post-production is the best if you need to venture into professional photography.

CreativeLive’s Fundamentals of Photography

CreativeLive isn’t left behind when it comes to teaching photography. It packages the ultimate tips in the rather learner-friendly Fundamentals of Photography course to help you learn photography.

From the technical aspects of your camera and lenses to the actual shooting environment, you will learn many essential elements to get you started. The course takes learners through a wonderful journey that involves learning how to use natural lighting, developing efficient workflow, and bringing together the manual elements to create evocative images.

The course instructor, John Greengo, also factors in the human aspects. He teaches how to be patient, creative, and, most importantly, how to stay motivated. He creates an awareness gap between you, the equipment, and the subject so you can find your full potential.

Kickstarting Your Professional Photography Journey

Now that you have learned how to take great photos, how can you leverage these skills? Without practice, the skills are good for nothing.

The best way to begin your photography journey is to begin shooting. Take shots of everything you can find. Go to parks, hiking trails, and the cities and get some of the best shots possible. If possible, create an online portfolio and get going.

Get Paid to Take Photos

Make Money From Taking Photos

Did you know you can get paid to take photos? Do you know you can sell your best photos and make money from your world-class shots? Yes, through the Get Paid Program, your photos will bring some bucks. How impressive?

The Bottom Line

If you want to learn photography, this is the ultimate guide. Since it incorporates all learning tips and tricks, it’s the best photography guide for beginners. By implementing these processes and resources, your path to professional photography is about to get exciting.

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