10 Great Reasons to Work From Home

The future or work has changed drastically in a short span of time, and everyday life has the potential to become much more convenient thanks to the growing popularity of working from home. Here are 10 great reasons to work from home.

1) No Commute

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No more overcrowded buses or trains. No more distracting traffic jams. Who doesn't hate this part of the day while going to the office? Especially in the mornings, you are surrounded by tired, irritated, and stressed daily commuters. Surely you don't want to begin your days like that — or suffer from potential longterm consequences. According to Scientific American, long-distance commuters are much more likely to suffer from psychosomatic disorders.

2) Save Money

When you work from home, you can save money by cutting down on your public transportation or gas budget. Costly office attire? Slash that budget too. Instead of going to costly cafés, you can prepare your own food. The savings keep on adding up — as do the reasons to work from home.

3) Flexible Working Hours

If you are a freelancer or a company owner, you are more likely to have flexible working hours. Additionally, many organizations with work from home policies also permit their employees to have more flexible schedules than they would in a traditional office environment, ultimately enabling employers to feel happier and more productive.

4) More Time With Family and Friends

One perk of working from home is that you can enjoy spending quality time with your family and friends, as you no longer have to waste your precious time commuting. Parents with a versatile work schedule can even watch their kids in the morning and be available for daytime obligations they would have otherwise had to miss with a traditional office job.

5) Your Own Working Environment

For those who are easily distracted in an office, working from home can allow you to create your own best work environment. Of course, for some, working from home can create plenty of distractions as well. In this case, you can pick up your laptop and work out of a coffee shop or coworking space close to you. This way, you can also meet and be able to communicate with other remote working professionals. Who knows — these new working environments could even inspire your next big idea.

6) Reduced Stress

Several studies have shown that remote work can reduce stress. It's not just maddening commutes to the workplace you can skip while working online. No boss standing behind you, no more keyboard hammering, office infighting, or any of the other classic sources of workaday stress.

7)  Time for Workouts

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With more free time and energy, you might feel more encouraged to push your body a little bit more when you sit at home all day long. Maybe you'll walk the dog a little longer than usual, or perhaps you start a new at-home fitness routine — your opportunities for a healthier routine are limitless.

8)  Work/Life Balance

Most remote employees notice that they have more time to do the things they enjoy. You will spend more time with your family and be more energized towards your daily obligations. An improved work/life balance is one of the best reasons to work from home.

9) Avoid Office Politics

The old saying about family members is, “You can't pick your family.” The same applies to your colleagues. When you operate remotely, you can more easily avoid any toxic social elements that exist within your company.

10)  Impact on Sustainability

Remote work is in many ways more sustainable than traditional office work. It can encourage economic development, healthier communities, and reduced pollution. A reduction in commuter travel is one of the easiest, cheapest ways to minimize employers' and workers' carbon footprint and impact global climate change.

As you can now clearly see that there are many good reasons to work from home. Moreover, many employers and employees worldwide are embracing the work from the home trend. It makes sense considering the benefits of work from home – saving time, saving money, reducing stress, and much more.

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