What Are the Best Resistance Bands?

Resistance bands are some of the most adaptable and multipurpose training tools. They might not look like a big deal, but have a ton of amazing benefits to offer. They are portable and lightweight and the best part is they cost you less than a month’s membership at the gym. Now, how great is that? You can use resistance bands for strengthening your overall body as well as in enhancing your mobility. Moreover, they are joint-friendly and low impact. These workout bands are extremely convenient to be kept at home for all those times when you are trying to perform an intense strength workout. It might not always be possible for you to attend a workout class. In such cases, resistance bands help you sweat it all out at home. Extremely versatile, travel-friendly and affordable, there are several variations of resistance bands available in the market today.

Nevertheless, it is important that you choose one that meets up to your fitness expectations and needs. Here are some of our picks from the best resistance bands of 2021.

Fit Simplify Resistance Loop Exercise Bands

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If you are a novice when it comes to using resistance bands, these workout bands made from 100% original latex are just the perfect choice for you. Every Fit Simplify band represents a certain level, medium, light, extra light, extra heavy and heavy. It is best if you start practicing with the loosest one and proceed on to the medium and much heavier ones. These are usually targeted for more advanced levels of strength training. The best part is that these bands are the best-selling choice in Amazon and are appropriate to be used for all kinds of fitness levels. They are high on versatility and can be used for rehabilitation and physical therapy.

Hyfit Gear One

The Hyfit Gear One is an excellent option from the range of best resistance bands of 2021. It comprises a pair of tubal, ankle, wrist, and resistance bands, a pair of handles, a wall anchor, and a door anchor. You can truly call it a multi-purpose use anywhere band, because you can not just create resistance for your own body, but also anchor these bands to your wall or door.

These workout bands are super convenient to adjust. You can just press a little red button to lengthen or shorten the band at your convenience. With the range of accessories that this band has to offer, you would not want to switch over to any other resistance band soon. The resistance band comes with sensors that keep a track of your volume, calories burned, and repetitions over time. All you need to do is connect the band to your phone and the data will get collected automatically. The smart aspect of the watch comes across as a bonus.

Bret Contreras Glute Loop

If you are in search of a booty band to ramp up your workout routine, the Bret Contreras Glute Loop is the best choice for you. Purchasing one of these exercise resistance bands will last you for quite some time due to its high-end and tight woven construction. The hip thruster exercise and glute training were popularized by Contreras and these resistance bands have been proven to work effectively.

Several users have given positive reviews regarding the efficiency of this resistance band, mentioning that this band has helped them through building their hamstring and glute strength. You can use the Glute Loop to increase the challenge level of your exercise and carry out hip thrusts, bodyweight squats, kettlebell swings, and dumbbell deadlifts. They are a great accompaniment for other extensive exercises like donkey kicks, hip abductions, and glute-focused exercises.

The Bret Contreras Glute Loops is available in two sizes, large to extra large and small to medium, and comes with three resistance levels – strong, medium, and light, tagged as 1, 2, and 3 on the band. Due to the variations available, you can purchase more than one band, and keep switching them to alter your style every time you start working out.

ThatFromHome’s Universal Workout Resistance Band

The Universal Workout Resistance Band is one of the best resistance bands on our list from the ThatFromHome closet. Created from pure latest, the band provides you the right kind of support during your extensive workout sessions.

The resistance band is available in a variety of weight options that include – X-Light, Light, Medium, Heavy, and X-Heavy. You can choose one in accordance with the intensity of the workout that you perform. The quality of the band is quite optimal and offers you the comfort required while performing extensive workouts.

The best aspect of this band is that it is available at an extremely moderate price. The latex material of the band offers you the right kind of grip and support to help you hold your ground while working out.

Insonder Resistance Bands Set

Are you looking for a pocket-friendly way to collect a resistance band set? The Insonder Resistance Band Set is here to take care of your needs. The band set is extremely budget-friendly and comprises five resistance loops, which offers an impressive resistance level between 15 – 40 pounds. The loops are made from the latest and they guarantee comfort, stretch, and durability.  

The entry-level of the set provides a whopping resistance of 15 pounds. This makes this band set not so beginner-friendly as compared to other resistance bands, though it is a great option for people seeking a challenge.

Rosapoar Pull Up Resistance Bands

While people mostly look for reasonable options, if you are willing to spend a bit more, the five-piece set from Rosapoar can be a good choice. The band has received a 4.7-star rating from over 1350 Amazon reviews. According to Rosapoar, these bands are anti-slip resistant and manufactured from natural durable latex. Moreover, it is highly resistant to sweat odor during your workouts. If you are simply interested in one band or two, you can individually order these loops. They come in multiple colors and each color signifies a weight. Orang offers you the resistance of about 15 pounds, Red up to about 35 pounds, Black up to about 65 pounds, Purple up to about 85 pounds, and Green up to about 125 pounds of total resistance.


If you are looking for comprehensive resistance band sets that will support you through a wide array of workouts, Takemirth offers almost everything that you need to get your exercise started. Every set of resistance bands comprises five tubes, all of varying resistance levels that allow progress and adapts their levels based on the workout you perform. To begin with, you can start at 10 lbs and move through to about 50 lbs. 

Post this you can stack these weights together to create different resistances. You can make use of the door anchor to perform an amazing home workout. It comes with two ankle straps and foam handles that conveniently provide you with all the support you need to lower and upper body workouts.

Theraband Resistance Bands Set

Now, if you are a fan of no-frills resistance bands to get your job done, the therapy bands from TheraBand can be a great buy. These bands are frequently used by physical therapists to treat a long-term injury. You get to avail three non-latex bands of elastic that have varying intensities for an amount of $13. 

These bands are known for their versatility which makes them an amazing choice for an array of workouts that target different areas of your body. So, it is time to get started with your resistance band body toning exercises at home!

Peach Bands Resistance Bands Set

The Peach Bands Resistance Band Set comes in the form of a four-loop resistance band set. It is available in a range of varying weights that help tone your glutes and legs. These loops are 12-inch-wide latex loops that are durable, lightweight, and flexible. The best part is that they come equipped with a travel bag which lets you carry these bands around anywhere with you. The set of four multicolored bands come with varying levels of intensity ranging from extra heavy at 30 pounds to light at 10 pounds, so you can keep adding resistance as you become stronger down the line.

The loop design allows these workout bands to focus on the exteriors of your glutes and legs when the band gets looped around your legs, making them best suited for certain exercises. The loops help you glute and hips at a much faster rate as opposed to other bands.

SPRI Ultra Toner Figure-Eight Resistance Band

Figure Eight toner resistance bands display a closed-loop design that has two handles. They are sold in a single piece which makes them an excellent choice in case you are looking forward to buying one band. These exercise resistance bands by SPRI Ultra come with a band made of latex tubes along with gentle foam handles that offer an extremely comfortable grip. The band is available in an array of resistances that vary from ultra-heavy to light levels. One of the best exercise bands, it has become a favorite of reviewers due to its versatility and the amazing hand comfort that it provides.

Valeo 4-Foot Long Stretch Exercise Resistance Bands

When we think of our fitness routine, we must not forget that recovery and stretching for mobility are as important as the workout that you do. One of the finest ways to make stretching a part of your daily routine is by taking the right gear into your hand like exercise bands from Valeo

These bands have straps that are about four feet in length and are designed specifically for stretching. You can consider it to be a yoga strap. These stretchable straps are made of latex material, durable in nature, and offer a varying level of resistance. Additionally, they are extremely lightweight which makes it easy to throw about your bad and carry it everywhere with you.

Bodylastics Stackable Tube Resistance Band Set

What if you could carry your entire workout in a bag? No, not a myth. It is actually possible with the Bodylastics Stackable Tube Resistance Band set. This set comes with five individual bands with different resistance between the range of 3-19 pounds. Additionally, it comes with two ankle straps, handles, a carrying bag, a door anchor, and an instructional book.

The prime reason behind the popularity of this set is its anti-snap safety-trusted design. This involves an inner safety cord called Snap Guard to prevent any uncalled mishaps. While some of the best exercise bands of similar nature have a habit of sending plastic or metal pieces into the wall and snapping and even injuring your face. This set has specifically been designed to avoid such situations.

While every individual band does not possess huge levels of resistance, this band has a stackable design that lets you subtract or add resistance as required for a different muscle group to about 96 pounds.

Perform Better Resistance Bands

The Perform Better Resistance Band has been created to help you with rehabilitation exercises and physical therapy. However, you can use it for a wide range of other uses. These mini-bands are actually quite handy. Their small size makes them portable.

So, basically, they are extremely convenient to be carried around to temporary workout places and hotel gyms. Apart from this, their small size makes them a great choice for petite people. All four bands measure 9 by 2 inches and made to be used around thighs, legs, wrists, and ankles.

ThatFromHome’s Yoga Elastic Resistance Band

If you are a fan of elastic yoga bands, ThatFromHome’s Yoga Elastic Resistance Band is just the right choice for you. Created from TPE material, this strap band comes in a variety of colors that you can choose from. 

Moreover, it offers you the right kind of comfort that you need during your workouts. The best aspect of this resistance band is its affordable price that does not burn a hole in your pocket. Get your yoga elastic strap today and get your home workout sessions going. So, now that you have a complete list of the best resistance bands to choose from in 2021, take your time and see which fits your requirement best. The right resistance band can make an amazing amount of difference to your workout results. Which of these is your favorite?

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