What is the Best Gaming Keypad for 2021?

There are many accessories to enhance your gaming capability and experience, and one of those is a good gaming keypad. Having the best gaming keypad makes sense if you want to indulge in intensive gaming. Essentially, they are one-handed keyboards, only that they are smaller and more compact than ordinary gaming keyboards. A great keypad improves the gamer’s performance and accuracy.

To win games, you need a responsive gaming keypad. It helps you excel over your competitors easily. The little gadgets are optimized ergonomically, and the more the keypad is responsive, the better the accuracy and precision.

Getting the right gaming keypad is, however, a difficult task. Most keypads are available in various options, and it takes a lot of time and effort to find one with the ultimate gaming features suited for your needs.

This article discusses the best gaming keypads to enhance your gaming experience. These keypads pack the best features and aspects that gamers need to excel. Read on!

Best One-Handed Gaming Keypads

Gamers who play multiplayer games need one-handed keypads. They only need one hand to operate, and besides, you don’t have to move them around so much. Gamers can type faster while concentrating on their gaming.

Here are some of the best gaming keypads to enhance your gaming.

Razer Tartarus Pro

The Razer Tartarus Pro has Beautiful RGb Lighting and 8-way Directional Thumb-pad

The Razer Tartarus is one of the best gaming keypads you can find. Its customizable design provides comfort to immerse you fully in gaming. Also, it fits seamlessly with other gaming accessories from other brands, so you don’t have to worry about compatibility.

The Razer Tartarus Pro features an 8-way-directional thumb-pad with improved controls. Ranked the most beautiful keypad, the RGB beautiful lighting is one of the reasons for popularity. The Tartarus Pro gives more convenience, speed, and utility.

The fully programmable 32 keys allow for multi-tasking. The Razer Hypershift allows various key and keypress combinations to enable gamers to execute complex controls. Some keys are dual-function such that you can bind multiple functions seamlessly. Adjustable actuation means you can calibrate the keypad for control and speed or tune its sensitivity for better balance.

This keypad allows for infinite commands to take your gaming experience to a whole new level. When playing the most demanding massive multiplayer (MMO) games, you can count on this keypad’s customization for better performance.

Gamers can exercise variable input levels thanks to the analog optical switch. It provides a greater degree of control, similar to the analog thumb sticks.

CHUYI One-Handed Gaming Keypad

The Chuyi's Ergonomic Palmrest Prevents Fatigue

This gaming keypad provides for high-tactile gaming input. Designed with excellent ergonomics, the CHUYI 35-key gaming keypad reduces fatigue and strain, allowing for longer gaming sessions. The CHUYI One-Handed Keypad has an ergonomic button layout for flexible, fast operation.

If you love a sense of mystery in your gaming setup, this keyboard comes in handy. The improved RGB lighting makes the keypad convenient even in low-lighting setups. Besides, the plug-and-play feature makes it easy to use. You don’t need any software, just a USB wired connection, and you are good to go.

Its wide compatibility means you can use it with various devices. It is compatible with Win2000, Vista, Win8, macOS, Linux, and much more.

Razer Tartarus V2 Chroma

The Tartarus V2 Features a Mecha-Membrane Construction

The Razer Tartarus V2 Chroma is a highly intuitive keypad featuring 32 programmable keys and over 16 million backlighting effects. Most users find it highly suitable for gaming thanks to its mechanical switches' clickiness and tactility coupled with the affordability of membrane keys.

For easy operation, the keypad was designed with the human palm in mind. Users can place their hands on the wrist pad and operate the keypad with minimal fatigue or discomfort. Besides, the wrist rest is adjustable to the position you feel most convenient.

Since your gaming setup demands great lighting, this keypad comes with millions of backlighting effects. You can choose your color preference using any of the pre-set modes and keep gaming.

The Tartarus V2 Chroma operates on the Synapse software which manages both backlighting and programming. This software has all Razer device settings accessible from any device as they are cloud-based.

Logitech G13 Gaming Keypad

The Logitech G13 Features a Contoured Design for Maximum Comfort

The Logitech G13 Keypad set the stage for the best gaming keypads. While it was designed earlier than its more advanced counterparts, it offers high-performance inputs ideal for gaming. It is also compatible with both Mac and Windows.

The Logitech G13’s design was ahead of its time, and that’s why it’s a favorite for most users up to date. Its natural contour design improves comfort and ease of use. It complements both your hand and fingers' shape so you can easily locate the buttons by touch.

The Keypad was equipped with a backlighting system that allows you to locate the correct key seamlessly. The best part of it is that you can choose from hundreds of options to get the ultimate look.

The onboard memory lets you program several ready-to-play profiles. Also, it offers preconfigured settings for popular PC games.

Another rare feature is the LCD display that provides valuable information during gaming. It makes it easy to communicate with fellow players or opponents. All customization is managed through the Logitech software.

ThatFromHome’s RGB Mechanical Gaming Keypad

ThatFromHome's Best Gaming Keypad for Intensive Gaming

ThatFromHome’s RGB Gaming Keypad is an ideal choice if you are looking for a great value on a budget. This keypad was designed for winning, and this is evident by the way the keys are programmable. The 7 programmable macro keys bind and activate multiple commands impeccably. In high-intensity gaming, you can assign multiple or single keystrokes to any macro key so you can save maximum time.

Its slim design makes it highly portable. It eliminates the extra, unwanted keys and keeps the essential ones in a compact, portable package.

With mechanical blue switches and an ergonomic design, it is both tactile and easy to use. The mechanical keys eliminate misclicks and hard inputs experienced with ordinary keypads. Every click is followed by a rhythmical audible click that improves the overall gaming experience.

For maximum durability, the keypad has a quality build. All keys are well fixed in a high-quality, durable hub. The overall construction is sturdy, and unlike keypads that loosen after a while. It can withstand intensive gaming for many years.

RedThunder K50 Gaming Keypad

RedThunder Keypad is Compatible With Logitech and Razer Equipment

The RedThunder K50 one-handed keypad is an excellent option because it’s programmable and provides superior performance and precision. To provide seamless gaming, the keys offer medium resistance. Also, they have crisp tactile feedback enhanced by audible clicks.

This keypad has a durable construction that ensures it can withstand intense gaming for long. The blue switch keys are reinforced for extra durability and stability. An ergonomic design that features a comfortable palm rest makes it easy to adapt to the motions effortlessly.

Also, it comes with a gaming mouse with numerous programming options. It’s also compatible with multiple gaming devices such as Razer, Logitech, and many more.

AULA Excalibur One-Handed Mechanical Gaming Keypad

The Aula Excalibur Comes With Drivers for Customization

If you are looking for the best gaming keypad for durability, the AULA Excalibur is a handy option. Strengthened with double-molded ultra-strong mechanical keys, it can withstand the impact that comes with intensive gaming.

This is among the best gaming keypads for quick customization. It comes with drivers installed in a disk to help you customize both the backlight and the function keys. These drivers help if you do not want to use the 5 pre-programmed backlighting modes. The customization options are endless, so you can choose whatever works for you.

To increase gaming speed, you can activate the 10 hotkeys and 8 independent macro keys using the FN button. The 100% anti-ghosting capability ensures you can gaming flows seamlessly. With this keypad, you can train how to get faster and better. It’s a good option for amateur gamers looking to increase their speeds.

Razer Orbweaver Chroma Elite

The Razer Orbweaver is Among the Best-Selling Gaming Products in the US

If you want a stylish keyboard, the Razer Orbweaver offers it all. It balances fully customized RGB backlights with matte black aesthetics to give a great appeal.

This keypad performs, thanks to the mechanical switches optimized to provide seamless actuation. Also, it’s easy to use thanks to its supreme ergonomics.

You can configure each key separately using the Razer Synapse app. The Synapse app allows you to explore the awe-inspiring actuation feature. Actuation means you can set a key in such a way it either presses hard or triggers with the slightest touch.

Best Gaming Keypad on a Budget

If you are on a budget, it’s imperative to look for relatively inexpensive keypads. Some of the best budget gaming keypads include;

Koolertron Macro Gaming Mechanical Keypad

This is the Most Compact Gaming Keypad

The Koolertron One-Handed Keypad is one of the inexpensive products you can find in the market. It comes with an extra 104 gaming keyboard that you can easily set up and keep gaming. On the keypad, there are just 9 fully programmable keys with blue switches for extra stability. The 9 programmable keys with 104 keyboard buttons, 8 multimedia shortcuts, and 8 keyboard locks.

The unit also has 12 quick macros and another 12 advanced macros that can support many commands to enhance gaming. You can customize it to your desired color lighting effects. Also, you can adjust the backlight brightness or turn it off. The buttons are bright and clear to allow you to enjoy night gaming in the dark.

MOTOSPEED Mechanical Numeric Gaming Keypad

The Numerical Function Makes the Motospeed Keypad Multifunctional

Designed for heavy-duty gaming, this MOTOSPEED Numerical Keypad comes with 21 keys and 13 backlight models. Pressing the FN key simultaneously with other keys can change brightness or even the backlight.

An independent numeric keypad immediately opens your computer’s calculator. If you do other activities outside gaming, such as bookkeeping or personal calculation, the numeric function provides for that. All that you need is to click the numerical key between Tab and Fn.

The Outemu red mechanical switches provide extra durability and longer gaming life. They are designed to add performance and responsiveness while gaming. Unlike regular gaming switches, the Outemu was intended to last a lifetime. It was tested to 50 million keystrokes to ensure the high-intensive gamer won’t have any problems at all.

To reduce wrist strain, this keypad has a spring-type ergonomic design. The keycap fits your hand, adding comfort and flexibility that you need to play for long.

Delux T9 46-Key Singlehanded Wired Gaming Keypad

The Deluxe T9 Best Gaming Keypad When on a Budget

Gaming on a budget doesn't mean you can't have the best gaming keypad. The Deluxe T9 is an excellent option due to its enhanced features and ergonomic design. It comprises 46 keys with different functions and capabilities. The keys are arranged to make gaming a seamless experience.

The Red Cap AWSD keys allow one-hand gaming. On the other hand, the recessed-type key design is highly user-friendly and convenient for gaming.

Multimedia keys on the gaming keypad enhance gaming performance. They control music and volume more effortlessly. Thanks to the compact design, this keypad is highly portable, and you can carry and use it wherever you want. It’s compatible with windows 7, 8, 2000, and Vista.

Songway One-Handed Mechanical Gaming Keypad

The Songway K50 Fits Both PC and Console Gaming

Going for a mere 30 bucks, the Songway One-Handed Keypad is highly flexible thanks to the 35 non-conflict keys. It has a smooth perfect design that provides more flexible operation. You can press all 35 keys comfortably with your palm on the palmrest. When you are tired, you can retire the hand to the palm rest for a quick rest while still gaming.

Besides smooth gaming, this keypad is compatible with numerous devices and operating systems. You can use on Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 10. It’s as well compatible with a laptop, PC, Xbox, and PS4.

ThatFromHome’s One-Handed Gaming Keypad

Best Gaming Keypad for Precision Control

ThatFromHome’s one-handed gaming keypad comes with ergonomic palm support to make your hand comfortable during gaming. The comfortable matt surface was designed such that the palm rests easily through the gaming session.  It is only a mere 232mm, meaning your fingers can hover around the keys while the palm rests on the matt surface.

The colorful backlighting ensures the keypad complements other gaming equipment in your setup. With an FN+M input, the backlit switch activates immediately. You can control more lighting with the FN+W input while enjoying the game.

ThatFromHome’s One-Handed keypad is highly compatible with other devices, making it one of the best keypads ever made. It connects via USB and is compatible with Windows 7, 8, 10, XP, Vista, 2000, and much more.

ASAY4U Gaming Keypad

The ASAY4U Provides Unmatched Accuracy and Tactile Feedback

With 35 keys, the ASAY4u gaming keypad was designed for gamers who love one-hand control. If you are a fan of action-packed games, this keypad provides the ultimate accuracy and finesse. The keys are arranged to help gamers execute ultra-fast controls to beat opponents.

The keypad is entirely plug-and-play and does not require any software for installation. Its performance is enhanced by the black switches that have a fast trigger. The mechanical keys provide a soft thud sound while providing a more enhanced tactile feedback

NPET T20 One-Handed Gaming Keyboard

The NPET T20 Features a Full Membrane Construction

The NPET T20 is one of the best anti-ghosting gaming keypads you can have. The 12 unique settings on the 38 programmable keys can be a good addition to your gaming setup.

The rectangular design coupled with ambient thump key support is essential to error-free gaming. Its entire surface is anti-scratch and anti-abrasion. These features help a lot if you are an avid game, as your keypad won’t deteriorate quickly.

The keypad’s macro keys on the left can be paired with multiple other macro functions. Keys D, A, S, and W have glowing arrows for better visibility. All keys are laser-printed for a longer lifespan.

Best Gaming Keypad for Console

Console gaming is fun with the right accessories. These keypads provide a seamless gaming experience;

Hori Tactical Commander Pro

Best Gaming Keypad for PS3 and PS4 Consoles

If you are into console gaming, the HORI Tactical Assault Commander Pro gives the ultimate accuracy you need to win games. This keypad comes with a mouse to enhance the console’s precision and control. It was officially licensed to use on PS3 and PS4, making it the best gaming keypad for console.

While it’s optimized for console gaming, it also works perfectly for PC. You can use it cross-platform as it delivers perfectly. When using an Android or iOS device, you can adjust the profiles and settings via the HORI App.

For effortless gaming, this keypad comes with an adjustable, cushioned hand rest. You can set it to achieve maximum comfort, and all you need is to adjust on the hinges.

GameSir VX Gaming Keypad

The GameSir VX is the Best Wireless Gaming Keypad

The GameSir VX is ideal for gaming with Xbox, Nintendo, and PS4/4. The GameSir innovative MixShift technology for PC provides more agile control for most leys. 

It was designed exclusively for gaming. The blue switches deliver fast response and low resistance. The detachable and slidable palm rest can fit different gestures to ease gaming. Pressing the DPI button allows you to adjust 5 levels of DPI at 400, 800, 1600, 3200, and 12000. The indicator light on the gaming mouse provides a different color for each level.

This keypad’s Agility X technology enables stability and instant connection over a long-range.  You can adjust ADS using the G3 and G4 keys and HIP sensitivity using the G1 and G2 keys.

Since this gaming keypad is wireless, it comes with a built-in 1000 mAH battery that can last for many houses. The power saver function sleeps it after 10 minutes when idle. All you need is about 3 hours to achieve a full charge.

How to Choose the Best Gaming Keypad

Picking the best gaming keypad will definitely help improve your gaming. Keypads differ in terms of specifications, and while some features are ideal for you, other users may prefer otherwise. Here are the top considerations for choosing the best gaming keypad;

Types of Switches

The above gaming keypads have different switches. You can choose either a mechanical or membrane keypad, depending on your preferences.

Membrane Keypads

Membrane keypads make sense if you are into low-intensity, cheap gaming. Unlike their mechanical counterparts, these keypads use rubber domes for switch actuation and do not deliver very accurate tactile feedback. Besides, they are available at relatively low prices but will surely give you a decent gaming experience.

Mechanical Keypad

The best gaming keypads have mechanical switches to allow intensive gaming. They are well built with spring-activated key switches and provide accurate feedback. These keypads have an average lifespan of 30-150 million clicks and can withstand even the toughest gaming. You also can’t deny the satisfying clicking sound that a mechanical keyboard produces.

Ergonomic Design

Comfort is a critical aspect of gaming. A keypad's ergonomics, such as key reach, palm rest, and compactness, matter a lot. Concavely-shaped keycaps are a little bit grippy and allow for a quick and precise keypress, unlike the flat ones.

Wireless keypads are more comfortable as they don’t have the hassle of the wire. You can position the keypad anywhere you want without having to worry about cable length.

Macro Keys and Profiles

Any gamer would want to customize the macros, especially when playing games that require specific setups. The macro functionality allows users to customize the keypad according to their needs. Since each game has a particular setup, the ability to choose between different profiles provides a great gaming experience. You can modify the keys such that a single keypress performs a wide range of options.


Having RGB lighting can improve your gaming performance. Being able to choose between different modes and levels of lighting contributes to a great gaming setup. The best gaming keypads have customizable color modes that allow users to set to their aesthetic lighting. Logitech and Razer keypads provide some of the best backlighting ever. They can sync with other gaming accessories to produce similar effects.

The Bottom Line

Having the best gaming keypad gives you all the convenience you need to play games. There is no denying that these products are some of the best you can find in the market. They are worth checking out, considering how they enhance your gaming experience.

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