What’s the Best Yoga Mat?

A premium quality comfortable yoga mat is vital to keep you grounded and safe as you glide through your yoga poses or when you sweat it out at the gym. Moreover, a yoga mat is not something that you would like to share.

Now, while all yoga mats might look like they perform the same functions, each mat is designed to meet specific requirements, workouts, and preferences. So, you need to choose the best yoga mat that does justice to your needs. It is not uncommon for people to look for cheaper options available in the market. While you might not consider spending a fortune on a basic yoga mat, you need to know that low-priced mats can be slippery, both on the underfoot and on the floor. This would make it necessary for you to grip for bracing your poses. So, your aim should be to look for a mat that offers enough grip and texture for that foundation, even if that means spending a few extra bucks for quality. Bearing your entire body weight on your knees, shins, or while reclining is extremely sensitive. Irrespective of whether you care for injuries or not, a little extra cushioning does not hurt.

The next thing to consider is the kind of yoga that you practice. For instance, if you are practicing Vinyasa, you would need a 5-mm thick mat to make sure that you do not sink and feel the ground beneath. On the other hand, if you are a fan of gentle, restorative, and slower-moving practices, you can opt for a thick yoga mat. However, if you travel a lot or avail public transportation, thicker mats can feel heavier and be tiring to carry for long hours.

Keeping these things in mind, here is our list of the top yoga mats for you to choose from.

ThatFromHome’s Thick Durable Yoga Mat

best yoga mat

ThatFromHome has been known for offering high-quality products to consumers across its entire collection. This remains equally true for their amazing collection of yoga mats. Its Thick Durable Yoga mat is a perfect fit for beginners and professionals alike who are into gentle, restorative yoga. Made of thermoplastic elastomer materials, this mat is not just non-slippery but extremely eco-friendly as well. The mat holds on to your feet, preventing you from toppling over. However, the best part about this thick exercise mat is that it comes in an array of seven colors. So, you can make your pick from the lot.

Manduka eKO LITE Yoga Mat

If you think about the best lightweight exercise floor mats, the Manduka eKO LITE is one of the best options in the market. The mat has been the Number One choice for several yoga lovers, who have, in fact, transformed into loyal followers of the brand. The yoga mat offers the right kind of support without being too spongy to stand on. If you are into Vinyasa classes, this mat is just what you need. Though the mat does not feel super heavy, it possesses enough weight to stay in place  throughout your practice. It keeps getting better with use.

This yoga equipment weighs an impressive 5 lbs, which makes it lightweight and perfectly suited to be carried along. Even if you are planning a cross-country trip and you unfold it on your way, it can easily be refolded and settled in no time. To top it all, the mat is quite affordable and does not burn a hole in your pocket.

Gaiam Classic Print Yoga Mat

Yoga mats can become really expensive, costing you more than $100 at times. The Gaiam’s Medallion Yoga mat is a great affordable option that you can trust and get behind. When you choose a meditation mat or a yoga mat, you need to make sure that you feel connected to the earth. This mat comes with a width of 4 mm, which provides sufficient cushioning without getting you off balance during the process. The mat comes with a double-sided comfortable texture that offers enough traction for you to try a triangle or a downward-facing dog pose without tripping. Oh! And you must know that it has an amazing yet elegantly inspiring design.

According to the reviews by users, Gaiam has never disappointed them. Though the mat is a bit on the thinner side, it offers a great deep press that keeps you grounded while performing yoga. With a nice balancing surface, great design, high quality, this mat basically offers it all.

IUGA Pro Non-Slip Yoga Mat

Generally, it becomes quite difficult and painful to lug around a rubber mat. However, the IUGA Pro mat has come across as a boon for people who need to travel with their mats. With a 5-mm thickness, the yoga mat surprisingly weighs 2.5 lbs. Nevertheless, the most attractive aspect of the mat is that it is made from tree rubber that is eco-friendly and sustainably harvested. It is both latex and PVC-free and does not come bearing an unpleasant odor.

The polyurethane layer on top offers magnificent grip and traction along with sweat absorption for a fine gripped yoga session. On the other hand, the finely textured bottom suits any kind of surface, keeping you secured and safe. The non-slip yoga mat comes in five classic yet funky colors to choose from.

BalanceFrom GoYoga 1/2-Inch Extra Thick Yoga Mat with Carrying Strap

This yoga mat comes as a perfect fit for athletes of varying needs and from all fields. However, one thing that makes this BalanceFrom GoYoga is the nice and thick  additional padding for protection. A look at the reviews from users will give you a fair idea of its comfort and safety. If you are into Pilates, this yoga equipment will give you just the kind of cushioning and support you need for your practice. While a thick mat might not be a preferred choice, a very thin mat can also be a problem. This mat brings just the right balance for you, making it perfect for kneeling exercises without causing any knee pain.

Safety is of prime importance when you are practicing yoga or exercise of any kind. What better than a combination of comfort, style and proper cushioning? Moreover, the mat is available at an extremely moderate price and does not really cost you a fortune.

Heathyoga Eco-Friendly Non-Slip Yoga Mat

One of the favorites for all yoga lovers, the Healthyoga Eco-Friendly mat is known for its excellent grip and perfect thickness. However, this mat completely steals the show with the alignment markers that are provided on it to make sure that you have proper positioning for all the poses. Users generally consider this to be a genius concept that helps evade the guesswork and keeps you balanced, centered, and accurate.

While the mat does not appear too thin so as to hurt your knees, it is not a thick exercise mat either. In fact, longevity is one of the key aspects of the mat, which keeps it proper and in shape even after 100 uses! How great is that? It makes aligning your body a super easy task all through your yoga sessions and makes sure that you practice your postures flawlessly.

Retrospec Solana 1-Inch-Thick Yoga Mat with Nylon Strap

If you have been in search of a thick exercise mat for a long time, your search has come to an end with the Retrospec Solana Yoga Mat. The 1-inch thick mat makes you feel extremely comfortable while keeping you safe from injuries while you practice yoga.

Users have tested practicing several positions on the mat, even the most difficult ones, and found it to offer the right amount of comfort even on a hard floor. In fact, you can keep practicing on this mat everyday with a recent injury without feeling any pain. While it keeps the pain at bay, the item does not feel super squishy. It gives you the right kind of balance on all surfaces. It might be hard to believe, but this meditation mat helps you enjoy yoga even on a hard floor.

Clever Yoga Yoga Mat Non-Slip

A non-slip mat is very important when you are practicing those complicated yoga postures. Slippery mats can cause an immense amount of injury. The Clever Yoga yoga mat provides you great grip and is just the right kind of thick. The best thing about the yoga mat is that you can even place it at the top of your drawing room’s carpet and practice.

A lot of yoga enthusiasts tend to sweat in the process. This makes it dangerous for them to stand on rubber yoga mats that lack the right kind of grip. Moreover, sweaty palms can make it very difficult for you to practice poses like down dog pose or lower planks that need you to slide your forearms apart. This mat gives you the feeling of a foam combo. It further comes in an attractive wavy side design that prevents you from slipping or sliding off. To sum it up, the mat offers you some of the most amazing features like absorbing sweat, removing odor, and reducing your chances of an injury.

ThatFromHome’s Printed Waterproof Yoga Mat

You might be wondering as to why you would need a waterproof yoga mat for yoga practice. Well, sweating forms a large part of any kind of yoga or exercise. And with sweat, there are  chances of slipping and suffering severe injuries. ThatFromHome’s Printed Waterproof Yoga mat helps you fight the difficulties of sweaty palms and feet to get an unhindered yogic experience.

Made of rubber, the mat is extremely lightweight and comfortable to carry around. It’s non-slip texture keeps you safe throughout your sessions, while giving you the grip that you need.  Moreover, you can easily wash it with water, without disturbing its quality or texture. What more could one ask for in the best exercise mat? Apart from being affordably priced, the mat is available in multiple colors, spoiling you for choice.

Lululemon’s The Reversible Mat

With an impressive width of 5 mm, The Reversible Mat from Lululemon, scores high on all the attributes of professional testing – durability, weight, stickiness, thickness, and the overall feel. There are two sides to a Lululemon mat, a natural rubber, a spongy side that offers the needed traction and grip through a textured surface, and a sticky, smooth polyurethane side that ensures that your feet and hands adhere to it. This allows you to decide the exact amount of traction you need as per the yoga you practice, like restorative or hot yoga, or in case you are a person who sweats immensely.

The natural 5mm thick rubber is extremely supportive, but at the same time makes sure that your elbows and knees do not sink through the floor. This yoga equipment is slightly larger – 2 inches wider and 3 inches longer than your regular mat. This gives you some extra breathing room, while not taking up a hell lot of place in your yoga class. If you are looking for an even larger mat, the bigger size of the mat is available for you and is almost the size of your door. The surface of the mat needs a bit of extra care while cleaning smudges, dust, and dirt off the top. Overall, it is a great buy.

Yogi Bare Wild Paws Mat

Yogi Bare is a brand that has forever been dedicated to sustainability. It has become one of the most sought-after brands for retailers of sports apparel over the years. This mat was developed on popular demand from buyers of yoga mats. The new design comes with a 4 mm thickness which helps you achieve the much-required stability while creating a connection with the floor.

The mat weighs about 2.5 kgs. Though it is a bit on the heavier side, it can be carried around with you by using a shoulder strap that is offered along with the mat. For added convenience, you can also purchase wheels from the web store.

One of the best attributes of the mat is that it is made of natural rubber and is vegan-friendly. The packaging of the mat is 100% recyclable. You need to know that every mat you purchase is for a social cause. For every mat that is sold, Yogi Bare and team plants a tree.

Meglio Yoga Mat

Now like several other people, if you have started practicing yoga in the lockdown, the Meglio Yoga mat is just the right choice for you. The mat offers an extra thick cushioning of 10mm which does not allow you to sink down to the floor and eases your pressure on a number of poses that you practice, like the dolphin, bow, and planks. The thickness of the mat additionally ensures that it poses as a multi-tasker, making it an ideal choice for all kinds of advanced workouts and for beginners as well.

Having said that, if you are a veteran yogi who is trying to establish contact with the floor, you might be looking for the other option with a 7 mm thickness. The thick exercise mat is made from a non-slip material that offers the perfect grip for your postures and does not give up mid-flow.

JadeYoga Harmony Mat

Made from 100% pure rubber, the JadeYoga Harmony Mat offers yogis with some amazing advantages like maintaining your body traction in sweaty conditions and absorbing a great deal of moisture. Sweat makes it extremely difficult for you to settle your feet or slide your palms while transitioning from one posture to another. 

The mat is about 4.5 mm thick and offers a spongy but supportive feeling under your hand, knee, and foot. This meditation mat is available in four different sizes, but the bigger you choose the heavier it gets for you to carry around since rubber is not particularly a light material. A little warning, in case you have a latex allergy, it is best you avoid the mat.

With Every Atom Natural Rubber Yoga Mat

With Every Atom is a sustainable, independent yoga brand that can be paid attention to. The cute animal prints on the mats make them look even more adorable. It weighs about 2.5 kg that can make it a little uncomfortable for you to move across longer distances, but you can easily carry it over to your yoga class.

One of the most impressive aspects of the yoga mat is that it is eco-friendly and manufactured using tree rubber that is biodegradable in nature. Moreover, it is free from latex, PVC, and all other kinds of toxic materials usually found in most yoga mats. The more you start sweating on the mat, the better your grip gets. Moreover, it is very easy to clean. You can do it with simple water and soap. The mat is about 5 mm in thickness on the firmer side and has an XL size for you to choose from as well. This makes sure that people above the height of 6 ft can get to practice their poses comfortably.

ThatFromHome’s Natural Cork Yoga Mat

As the name suggests ThatFromHome’s Natural Cork Yoga Mat is an eco-friendly yoga mat made of cork. The cork yoga mat comes with a thickness of 5 mm, which makes it easy to be carried around.

The meditation mat has a great texture that offers you the right kind of grip needed for your yoga poses. Moreover, being made from cork, the mat is quite sweat-resistant as well. So, you practice some of your complex yoga poses on the mat without being afraid of slipping off the mat. It comes at a very affordable price that does not burn a hole in your pocket. The right yoga mat must be supportive, comfortable, and offer ample grip to prevent you from slipping. Additionally, it must be lightweight to carry around. Being able to find the right kind of balance in a yoga mat is very important. A too grippy mat can move along with you during your sun salutations while an extremely slippery one can be dangerous. Now that you have a list of the best yoga mats in the market, it might be easier for you to take a pick. Cheers to yoga and good health!

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